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The glass cabinet is much much more appealing to me. Much more.
I'd want wood shelves though, but that should be easy enough to change.

Glass Bookcases: Pretty or Cluttered? Good Questions
6/23/14 10:23 AM

Beautiful! Really wonderful.
I know what others mean when they say it is stark and unfinished - I myself thought they could maybe add some plants - but I would MUCH rather live in a place like this than one with too much 'stuff'.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/17/14 09:30 PM

I love those french doors!

Melissa's Modern & Organized San Francisco Home House Call
6/15/14 01:31 AM

Thought it looked Aussie! Great work, it looks so much better.

Before & After: Busted Balcony Gets a New Base Reddit
6/9/14 09:48 PM

Amazing!!! Especially drawn to the use of colour and proportion.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 09:30 AM

NMS at all but I was curious and looked at their website. The sofas are not to my taste but a lot of their other pieces are fabulous. Really nice lines.

Cool Collaboration between Ercol and Timorous Beasties ICFF 2014
5/18/14 08:23 PM

One place I lived in had no dishwasher and no suitable space to install one (we would have been happy to supply our own). My then husband couldn't wash dishes either because of an injury, so it was down to me. We ended up using disposable plates a lot.

10 Ways To Be Less Frustrated With Your Rental Kitchen
4/30/14 09:04 AM

Was it this one?

Or this Ana White one?

I Want to DIY Tables from Apartment Therapy but I Lost the Link! Good Questions
4/23/14 08:49 AM

The cabinets look like a high-spec version of a fairly typical 1970s kitchen - it's the real wood and wood handles that do it. I like them a lot.
The wall tiles and benchtop aren't what I'd choose, but I can appreciate the aesthetic and over all it's a big improvement on the before.

Kitchen Before & After: An Outdated Kitchen Gets a Rich, Warm Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/18/14 06:25 AM

The vanity is really NMS but I can appreciate the work that went into restoring it. The tile is particularly lovely.

Before & After: Megan's Modern & Mexican Tile Small Bathroom Mix
4/13/14 12:35 AM

The tile is gorgeous; glad it worked out for you!

Before & After: Janice's Longer Than Expected But Totally Worth It New Fireplace
4/6/14 10:08 AM

I make a similar paste in my Thermomix (it's one of their basic recipes). I don't usually/ever make clear soups so it's a great stock substitute for me. Yes, in the tmx version everything is cooked before blending but not in the Homemade Bouillon recipe linked above, so I guess it works either way. You get a much smoother paste if you cook it first, though.

How I Save Time and Space in My Kitchen with Souper Mix Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
3/30/14 08:03 AM

While not every aspect is to my taste, it's a lovely home and really well put together.
Also thank you AT for providing lots of photos, especially of whole rooms and from different angles. This makes for a much more enjoyable tour.

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 07:21 PM

The stonework is a HUGE improvement. Well done! Colour-wise my preference would be for something a bit warmer, but that's just me. Perhaps in the context of the whole room, it doesn't look quite so cold.

Before & After: Patience's Fairy Tale Fireplace Makeover
3/24/14 07:06 PM

Looks great, but I would prefer different hardware.

Before & After: Sabrina's From Damaged to Daring Modern Desk Makeover
3/23/14 10:16 PM