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Beautiful. The roof deck! I love Abby's comment about spending emotional energy resenting a piece of furniture. How I relate.

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/7/14 02:58 PM

I love this because it's unexpected after we see the first picture of a young family of four. (At least in the context of Apartment Therapy house tours.) The colors, furniture choices and layout, the sparseness, all speak to a clear philosophy about home and family. I hope you'll ignore the comments that veered away from "in my opinion" toward "I'm a blowhole". Thanks for sharing!

To those who commented about IKEA bookshelves, faux paintings, and a lack of the Japanese inspiration Martha mentioned (something you took very literally, it appears), I marvel at your ability to be such high and mighty turds.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/19/14 02:48 PM

Well said.

Dan and Elizabeth's Americana Inspired Home House Tour
3/22/14 02:50 PM