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I'm so glad you left LA for the sake of your cat. He thanks you for it.

Michael's Portland Pad Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 11:27 AM

DIdn't know hosts were responsible menstral mishaps, and yes, I'm a woman. We're talking about a party here, not a retreat in the woods. But if the host (esp men) want to go that far, kudos. Just throw a couple of condoms in the basket, too. Hey, you never know...

10 Little Things To Do Before Company Arrives
5/8/14 09:29 PM

The way I see it, this is like being invited into someone's home. Why do people feel the need to make negative comments? Would you go to a friend/acquaintance's home and proclaim such? I think not. However, I shall proclaim that their avocado kitchen sink is beyond awesome.

John & Erin's Mid-Century Modern Ranch Home House Tour
5/8/14 04:51 PM

WTF Elephant in the room moment! That mace on the wall is totally disturbing. Get thee to a psych hospital!

Is Your Teen's Room A Screen-Free Space?
4/28/14 08:24 PM

Um, that Vogue cover in the second photo probably violates most workplaces' codes of conduct. You're still at work, don't get too comfortable!

5 Ways to Save Your Office Cubicle
(and Sanity) at Work

4/21/14 12:42 PM

Ooooh, those windows are perfect for mooning!

What Would You Do With These Large Windows? Good Questions
4/1/14 12:16 PM

Good point! As a shift worker, I have to have blackout curtains for those daytime sleeps. I'd rather use more wallspace for organizing, etc in the bedroom and put my reno money into another room.

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 11:50 AM

Anything is possible if you're willing to pay. Consider this: how much time do you spend in your bedroom during daylight hours? Is the amount of time and money you invest in this project going to be really worth it? I personally have found the "master suite" concept to be so over-rated. Aside from snoozing, and you know, bedtime stuff, I don't spend more time in there. Maybe you could put your investment into another part of the house you use while awake.

Is It Possible to Have Larger Windows Installed in Bedroom? Good Questions
3/31/14 10:52 AM

We have two dogs with different dietary needs so I purchased two different sets of Ball jars. Once a week, I pre-fill them with the appropriate food for each dog. At meal times, we just have to grab the jars and serve. Whether they are full or empty, they look nice on the counter. They are aesthetically more pleasing AND practical! In this siutation, we made our lives easier and don`t have an eyesore (and our pit-mix, who knows how to open ANY tupperware, cannot open a Ball jar). If it makes your life easier and more pleasant, by all means, do it!

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/24/14 10:17 AM

The image of the young lady with the binoculars makes me think of the amazing Canadian artist Alex Colville. Check out this link to compare a Colville with the image above:


Hey, just check out Alex Colville!

Color Inspiration, Wes Anderson Style Wes Anderson Palettes
3/21/14 08:18 PM