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Zero dollars!

I have yet to own a couch OR chair that hasn't come from the curb or as a hand-me-down from a friend, but when I buy I can't imagine going much over $2500.

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5/13/14 06:30 PM

And factoring in that HIMYM takes place in present day and Mad Men takes place in the 50s... these #s definitely don't account for inflation.

Could TV Characters Really Afford Their Rents? Design News
4/17/14 04:23 PM

I once rode two miles on a bike with three huge suitcases balanced on the handlebars. I almost died trying to stop at a crosswalk, but they were dirt cheap and I was going on vacation! I don't regret it either!

Reader Regrets: An IKEA Oops
4/8/14 05:45 PM

Are those not OK anymore? I got mine at Target, I thought that meant it was OK.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Plastic Furniture Covers Right Now
4/1/14 04:27 PM

World Market has them in 3 sizes, and cut from a single piece of wood - they're really cool statement pieces & mine is named Ricky Fitz.

How To Decorate with Giraffes
4/1/14 04:23 PM

Call me trashy, but I'm actually obsessed with Glade candles! With most scented candles I only notice the aroma when they're first lit and when they're extinguished, but the Glade candles make my house smell amazing the whole time they're lit.

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3/25/14 10:27 AM

Thanks, I was going to say the same thing!

Before & After: Hardwood Floors Reach a New Plane
3/24/14 05:15 PM

The Seasons on Henry's Farm & Live More with Less are also free - I got them both!

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3/21/14 12:53 PM

Wonderful inspiration! I transformed a 60s relic phone nook in my kitchen into a coffee station, and that first photo is so inspiring to decorate my space a little better!

Wake Up to a Well-Styled Coffee Station
3/21/14 12:42 PM