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I think all nurseries should be gender neutral- why impose our social ideas about gender onto our poor unsuspecting kids? This is a great idea, and all the suggestions sound lovely- light grey teal and pops of orange, neutral walls with citrine and raspberry and it's hard for me not to love a stripe or a polka dot!

I'm Stuck: How To Decorate Gender-Neutral Nursery? Good Questions
5/20/14 10:26 AM

These are lovely, but they're huge! I don't know that I could translate these ideas in a smaller home. Any petite examples?

Ideal For Entertaining: 10 Open Kitchens That Flow Into Dining Rooms Kitchen Inspiration
5/8/14 10:57 AM

The RugsUsa Black Friday sale is in.sane. I bought all my carpets there at 75% off. As in, 25% of the price. I had just finished restoring my house and I needed to buy six carpets. Not having to buy them all at full price was soul saving!

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Rugs for Under $500
5/7/14 01:46 PM

When I did my house reno, I tried to make sure everything I bought was either local, or at least domestic. So the floor hex tile was expensive: $22.50 per square foot for the main tile and $14 per linear foot of the border, which I totally understood because it's hard to find locally made (497 miles away! woot LEED appropriate) and it's a very particular tile. But they wanted to charge me $24 per square foot for the white subway, which I thought was crazy, so I ordered through DalTile in NY instead for like $2.50 a sq foot. Did the installation myself.

How Much Did it Cost to Buy & Install Your Bathroom Tile Floor? Reader Intelligence Request
5/2/14 10:40 AM

I love the colour, however I might have painted only as much of the left wall as was symmetrical to the right wall and left the extra bit by the stairwell as the original beige to match the stairs. This would even out the room and make the stairs a separate space.

Before & After: A Beige & Boring Living Room Goes Bright & Vibrant
4/26/14 09:46 PM

So, my issue is that I have a gorgeous gold and teal damask wallpaper and what used to be a wonderful white shag rug. Then I hosted lots of parties with people who wore shoes, and got myself hitched to a man with a cat, and how the beautiful shag rug is looking a little worse for the wear, as is the white sofa. But what carpet do you get to match teal and gold in a craftsman house (read: wood heavy)? Yes, neutral block, but... as soon as someone drops an appetiser or spills a glass of wine? I need a pattern to camouflage up the dings that come with everyday life!

Color + Texture + Size: How To Choose the Right Rug, Everytime
4/2/14 04:09 PM

What about for those of us who spend weeks stressing over an event, blowing the budget, and prepping like crazy so that by the time people arrive at your Valentine's Day Pinata Party, or Halloween PhotoBooth Howl, or St Patricks Day Feast, you're too tired to talk to them and want them all to go away? People say 'oh, throw a potluck' but the food's always meh (sorry, friends) and I'm left with the cleanup and tossout of leftover containers and store bought bright-green-iced cupcakes no one wants (oh, and two bottles of something called 'wild red'? I still have no idea what it is...)

No More Entertaining Excuses! Answers to the Biggest Entertaining Roadblocks
3/29/14 06:45 PM

I love the idea of beautiful steps, but the thought of how grotty they'll get as people accidentally kick the stairs with their shoes as they go up them? Ugh, when did I become so jaded? Probably when I installed beautiful, expensive wallpaper and now refuse to let people touch the walls. "Woah, can you... put that glass of red wine down? Or take it in the other room? There's a carpet in there that I'd rather you spilled it on than my walls..."

Unexpected Blooms: 5 Fresh Wallpaper Ideas
3/26/14 10:26 PM

I've found that a quick and reversible way to open up and modernise a cabinetted space is to remove some of the doors. Pick a few of the cabinets to be open storage and all it takes is a screwdriver to then have fresh, open air display options for your beautiful plates and glasses. That way you can decide the style your kitchen exudes, rather than letting your cabinets dictate it.

Ideas to Update Mid Century Kitchen without Major Renovations? Good Questions
3/21/14 11:24 AM