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Watercolor is my favorite, & I have always loved velvet sofas since I can remember. Child of the '70s, what can I say?

The Power of Pillows: One Sofa, 5 Ways Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/21/14 10:53 PM

Dang girl! Now that's talent & the dedication to go along w/it.

Before & After: From IKEA to Dorothy Draper
Marcus Design

3/21/14 09:41 AM

I like the comparisons. That is a nice service for your readers. Thanks.

One Design, Two Budgets: Classic, Luxe Bedroom
3/21/14 09:38 AM

That is true artistry. Extremely drool worthy.

Designer Showcase: Maya Williams' Rooms at Greystone Mansion
3/21/14 09:35 AM

That made me smile.

The Ultimate IKEA Shopping List:
9 Cheap, Chic Classics

3/21/14 09:29 AM

Love the style name you came up with, fits perfectly. But oh, that pink couch! My sister swears she was Marie Antoinette in another life, & part of the reason I believe her is I know I was at court myself. Not quite a queen mind you, but certainly the queens sister. All this stuff is just too familiar to me. All the women in my family have always been nuts about French Provencial(sp) (too tired to even attempt to correct my typos right now, I do apologize, but moving is waaayyyy more stressful than I remember) style, pieces, what have you. Perhaps this is why I am so poor today. I am not & have never been a very materialistic person, but
true quality gets me every time.
I will dream of that couch.......

Get the Look: Dark Feminine
3/21/14 09:25 AM

Oh why did I even bother to start looking when I am in the middle of moving to a small house with very little money!? All this glam and tufted velvet is making me drool!

Collectible or Complete Room?
Tufted Sofa = Glam Dressing Room

3/21/14 09:11 AM