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Why do the after photos always look more white and less dark and yellow?? It's kind of deceiving

A Stylish Family Friendly Australian Home Professional Project
4/21/14 08:53 AM

Where is that table in the kitchen from?

Adam & Ellen's Inspired Brooklyn Brownstone House Tour
4/10/14 09:02 AM

Are the floors just wood that was painted black? I want black floors

A Collector's Tiny 178-Square-Foot Apartment
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4/9/14 08:23 AM

What's the name of that type of
tall plant on the side of the grey couch?

Hope and Pete's Bohemian Modern Abode House Tour
4/7/14 09:25 AM

She is by far cooler than any of my thirty something friends. Go girl!
Sale is on my calendar!

Buy the Contents of Iris Apfel's Storage Units on One Kings Lane Design News
4/3/14 06:28 PM

Cute but not for me. Except maybe the mint green kitchen. Hate that lime green

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration: Colorful Cabinets
4/3/14 06:13 PM

Tough one. I would start by painting everything you possibly can white. If you can't hide something at least make it blend in more with the background. Plus white will make the space feel bigger. Then I would either replace the cabinets with nicer ones or think about nicer open shelving. Hide all the ugly cleaning supplies in a cabinet. Find the cutest bin for your litter box you can find. Maybe add a nice area rug to draw the eye there instead of the other less desirable areas of the room. Buy all white laundry baskets. The colored ones seem out of place. Add a few pops if color either in the rug and or hang art on the wall or a small case with fresh flowers on the widow sill.

Ideas for Redoing Odd Laundry Room? Good Questions
4/2/14 09:28 AM

Take the skirt off the couch. Move it away from the right wall to center it. Solid dark accent colors (navy??) for walls. No curtains I would do a clean simple modern window shade. Add an area rug to anchor the space. Frame both paintings with simple clean black frames. Maybe add a shelf directly under the map that is the same length as the map and put some modern candles or something else simple to decorate it. Or add lighting above the map against a dark matte wall. I would consider shelves above the couch and remove the matchy pillows and use solid color ones. Maybe replace or move that table. It's too matchy. I would buy a simple table with skinny legs to contrast with the heavy pieces you already have in there. A rich colored throw blanket in same dark color story would look nice. Pick one pop color like orange for small accents. I would have a ball decorating this room!

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/26/14 09:21 AM

Ok. You have a good framework to start from. Big windows, hardwood floors and the doors are interesting. The first thing that stands out are all the large bulky looking pieces all in that one room. Less is more. If you can't get sell or donate them for smaller couches I would at least move that piano in the middle of the space between the dining and living area to open up that window space it is now covering. Next I would hide those existing pillows on the couch and get similar hued modern pillows or pillows with a nice pop of color like fuchsia. Maybe even get a nice throw blanket. A large piece if artwork above the green couch with complimentary colors might be nice too. You can get creative in very little money to cover that wall and make it a focal point without nails in the wall. OR get some appealing drapes and use that as the focal point. Maybe add an area rug to pull the space together all in the same color story. That bookshelf, I would only display the best books, hide the rest or get rid of it all together. Is that coffee table necessary? I would remove that if possible or keep one nice coffee table book on it or a nice candle maybe. Hula hoop under the couch!

Help Spicing Up Dull Rental Living Room? Good Questions
3/21/14 08:44 AM