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Loulou: The frame was a hardwood — not sure exactly what — but it was in great shape. So were the original springs. Believe it or not the original foam and batting weren't in terrible shape, but I did put new batting in the arms. I think I reused the original cushion and added a little batting to soften the look of the edges. The material was upholstery remnants from JoAnn fabrics. If I had to do it again I'd probably go with a more muted shade of green. :)

To everyone who noticed the lack of welt on the cushion — I ran out and was sick of going to the fabric store!

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/25/14 05:13 PM

Haha, thanks for all the feedback! In defense of the chair's original owner, I was the one who wrote "front" on it (I label each piece before I dismantle it so I can make sure I know which is which later).

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/20/14 05:42 PM