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OMG - your work came out so beautifully! I have some additional tips for those who choose antique clear glass penny-round mosaic tiles - unless you're a tile expert, don't make this choice! But, if you feel you must:
1. Be sure your tiling surface is all the same color - mine was a mix of aqua and spackle colors - once you smoosh the tiles into the mastic, you can see bits of the different colors thru the glass tile...:(
2. Grouting between all of the bitty spaces is really, really difficult! No tips here - I ended up laying down on the counters and using my fingers - I'm sure they will never be the same - hello dry, cracked and peeling skin!
3. If you're afraid of tile saws, don't choose a mosaic type with little tiles. I ended up wrapping the tiles in a towel and whacking them with a hammer. Then, I tried to choose the best broken piece to fit - not very attractive and in the end, I used lots more grout to fill in than I probably shoud have...
So, the backsplash will have to stay for awhile - until I can save up enough pennies to cover them up with something else or re-do completely!

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4/9/14 01:32 PM