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Love the room, especially how it will work with him when he is older too since the colors are so calming! Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry that some people do not know when enough is enough and should not leave inappropriate comments. It is your choice to showcase all of the items in your son's bedroom, including a crib bumper that you stated in your blog that you never even used. We are all here to get great ideas for our families and people should learn some restraint when leaving comments. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work!

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2/2/12 09:21 PM

I made my own blocks for my son's room since I couldn't find blocks that suited what I wanted. I bought plain blocks from Michaels (I think they were .99/ea.) Then, I sanded the blocks down and painted them and put the individual letters on each block, then mod podged the whole block. You could also use card stock or scrapbook paper and mod podge the blocks.

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3/27/11 07:53 PM