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Is there a source for the large "E" above the crib?

Gorgeous room!

Emmaline's Pretty, Polished Nursery My Room
6/18/14 08:40 PM

I third the rock and play; we drag it all over the house. I'd also add the boppy- it just made nursing so much more comfortable.

For car-less city living; I highly recommend the Orbit travel system. The infant and toddler car seats click into the stroller frame- so you have a car seat handy when you want to jump in a cab or fly. There's a seat just for strolling too- if you move to the suburbs and find that hauling the toddler seat in and out of the car has become cumbersome.

Gifts for new parents- I can't stress diapers and gift cards enough. We were SO overwhelmed with clothes. I was actually alittle bummed about it. I have a little girl and was looking forward to buying her some clothing; but even after returning A LOT of stuff, she still didn't wear everything we had. I'd say to stay away from nursery decor too- think about it; do you want someone else picking the art in your house?

Christine's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/17/14 06:36 PM