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Plenty of quirk in my 1930's studio. But I love the place for its huge windows, beautiful coved ceilings, proximity to my work, and cheap rent!

1. Floors are carpeted because the original wood parquet underneath is in poor condition, and has been repaired with scraps of god knows what in years past. So lots of random lumps and bumps underneath the carpet. Some of my furniture sits on an angle.

2. The bathroom fan switch is inside the bathroom, but the bathroom light switch is outside in the hallway. One switch in the hallway controls nothing.

3. No overhead lights in the main room of the apartment, but the closet has ample lighting.

4. One of my kitchen drawers is screwed shut from the inside. Several other drawers only open halfway due to the placement of the range (which cannot be moved!)

5. Kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling. One of these cabinets, however, is about 18" shorter than the others. But still mounted to the ceiling. So I have extra-tall counter space in the corner... not sure why.

6. The vents coming from the freezer into the fridge leak water - about 16oz per day! I keep tumblers in the fridge to catch drips. Guests are always perplexed why I would keep half-full cups of water in the back of the fridge.

7. Fridge door hits the cabinets opposite it, barring it from being opened fully. One of my crisper drawers can only be opened about 6". Nothing gets stored in there.

8. Someone glued pennies to the sides of two kitchen cabinets, which have been painted over. I tried to remove them but they are totally stuck.

9. One of the locks on my door has no key. Landlord warned me to never use that lock.

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/28/14 05:19 PM

Folex is seriously the best. Great for stubborn laundry stains, too (especially for the accident-prone!) I've gotten coffee and red wine off two pieces of white clothing with it.

3 Tips for Refreshing Old Carpet Renters Solutions
7/14/14 07:23 PM

I so need that grey chair and sofa from the 1960s photo to be in my apartment!

IKEA Through the Decades: A Time Capsule of Design from the 1950s Through Today A Visit to the IKEA Museum in Almhult, Sweden
7/8/14 01:24 PM

Try doing it with a myriad of food allergies/intolerances. I usually wander airports like a zombie, dragging my luggage around listlessly and cursing myself (again) for not preparing well enough for the trip. Someday I will learn! Hopefully in the meantime airports will begin introducing some new gluten/dairy/soy/corn free foods (that aren't trail mix!).

Why Is Airport Food So Terrible? Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
5/29/14 01:10 PM

Something like Bolon could be a good solution - waterproof, spills can be wiped up with a damp cloth, and available in lots of colors and patterns. I found a bunch here: http://www.curranfloor.com/viewcategory.php?tag=Bolon

Stays flat to the floor and doesn't unravel, so you can easily cut it with a utility knife to fit perfectly around your kitchen cabinets if your kitchen's not a rectangle.

10 Ways To Be Less Frustrated With Your Rental Kitchen
5/1/14 02:37 PM

Maybe it's for those who don't really cook! :)

Small Kitchen Design Ideas Worth Saving
4/30/14 02:46 PM

I'm going to have to try this. My jade plant is about 4 years old and has slowed down growth considerably, and the lower leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Thanks for the tip!

Water With Flat Club Soda + Other Tips for Keeping Healthier Plants
4/30/14 02:44 PM

What a gorgeous house- especially the kitchen. I would love to steal half this furniture (and somehow find a way to cram it in my studio apartment!)
I have to say, that room with the white wicker bed seems so out of place amid the mid-century style furniture. What's going on in there?

Robert's Mid-Century Modern Architectural Home House Tour
4/25/14 03:29 PM

Looks like they offer these in both a glossy and matte finish? Gorgeous! Now if I only owned instead of rented... They would make a super cool kitchen backsplash!

Can You Guess What This Tile Is Made From? The Answer Will Surprise You
4/18/14 01:51 PM

Something like these polypropylene weaves from Curran Floor seem like they would be great. http://www.curranfloor.com/viewcategory.php?tag=Anywhere
They look just like real sisal and seagrass but because they are polypropylene, you can clean them and don't have to worry about water spills.

The Maui, Oxford and Boston carpets look pretty nice for a sunroom. I bet they would be a lot softer, too.

Sunrooms with Wall-to-Wall Sisal & Seagrass
4/11/14 12:30 PM

Beautiful transformation! The new kitchen looks like someplace you'd want to spend time cooking in. Loving the contrast of the crisp shiny white cabinetry with that rich navy paint.

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 12:58 PM

Curran has many sofas with a similar shape to this one, and they are all customizable - from COM to size, leg type, skirts, etc. All sofas are made in the USA and are made with premium spring down cushions. Their "Baltimore" sofa on page 16 of the PDF below looks like a perfect match- you would just need some lavender COM and switch the legs to ones with casters to recreate the look for your home.


Source for Lavender Sofa? Good Questions
3/17/14 02:59 PM