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hmm, this is the first I had heard about this, I still think it is worth it, as i'm sure many others will as well, probably why they feel they can go ahead with the price increase

Amazon Prime Price Increase: How To Buy Another Year for $79 Lifehacker
3/19/14 03:05 PM

I have seen that toy in so many places, but never thought of it as furniture.. genius!

Extra Seating Inspired By a Baby Toy Design News
3/17/14 02:45 PM

very nice ideas, i just love pinterest and who doesn't love to save? Thanks!

7 Pinterest Tips to Save Money and
Shop Smarter

3/17/14 02:44 PM

some really great tips, I know that after some successful budgeting tips I was able to afford a much nicer place and still spend less monthly than I did just a few months ago. Knowing where to shop for places to rent and knowing the best tools out there can really help too

What Rent Can You Really Afford? Budgeting for Extra Monthly Costs
3/17/14 02:44 PM