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It's kind of funny, thinking back to it- The only rule I remember being enforced was no food in my bedroom. I'm sure there were other rules, but my parents constantly argued and fought, and didn't really pay attention to whether or not my bed was made, room was clean, or shoes were put away. Unfortunately for me though, at the ripe old age of twenty-two now, I've been developing good habits of my own the past few years, and seeing how my parents live actively makes me uncomfortable and anxious (wonder why!). Dishes are left in the sink/around the house for days, counters are cluttered and dirty, food crumbs just left about, shoes everywhere, messy rooms, people yelling across the house and -at- each other all the time, it's just not nice to be around. Of course if I mention any this to them, no matter how gently, then -I'M- the one who gets yelled at, so no winning there. Finding websites like this one, and other organization/uncluttering blogs has really helped me realize how unhealthy their lifestyle is, so for that I'm really thankful. This turned into a wall of text really fast, but I think that everyone here that's commented and has children, deserves to be commended, because they're already doing a much better job with their kids than my parents did with me.

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6/17/14 11:34 AM

This is a gorgeous home, and very warm and inviting, despite the general modern feel overall- this is something I aspire to someday, and you've nailed it perfectly. My personal favorite house-tour yet!

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4/30/14 04:25 PM

I think that having people around as a support to make sure you're doing the things you want to get done is indispensable.
When I still lived at home with my father, he'd always be a deterrent to me doing the things I WANTED to do, and always tried to push me into doing things HE thought I should be doing. When I wanted to make a lifestyle change to improve my health/our living space/my diet, he would scoff and discourage and tell me it was useless/dumb/too time-consuming/ect, all while telling me I was a horrible procrastinator and that I wasn't doing anything right. After getting out of that environment, and surrounding myself with family and friends that ARE supportive, I find it a thousand times easier to tackle and accomplish my goals.
All of these tips are really good, and having a proper support net of people to help you and encourage you is extremely important too. Love and kindness go a long long way!

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4/27/14 03:39 PM

This is a lovely room, the paint colors are beautiful and the layout flows nicely. I really appreciate that they took it slow and only did a couple changes at a time- To me, doing a total gut-job and replacing everything at once is just not feasible for most people, so this is inspiring and reassuring to those of us who don't have the luxury of gutting everything at once.

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4/26/14 03:20 PM

If there's one good thing I learnt from my dad, it's to always always -always- look at reviews before making a purchase, no matter the item- vacuums, shoes, electronics, cleaning products, anything and everything. I've saved myself from many a regretful purchase thanks to that alone. I've been slowly trying to encourage my mother to pick up a lot of the habits in this list since she's the queen of the impulse buy, here's hoping I'll get through eventually.

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3/17/14 01:40 PM