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If you paint to match wall, use a low sheen pain or eggshell or even get some scrubbable flat paint (not as scrubbable as a low sheen latex enamel.

I find that keeping all the trim white and painting the doors to match the wall color solves a lot of design-consistency problems, though. Painting out door & frame is going to cause that. Home Depot will sell you a color test paint (about half the size of a pint of ice cream) any color you want for about $3. Try out painting door alone (keep sweep white). Then paint sweep if it looks weird, and lastly paint trim.

If you're real handy you could install a square block of wood below the door casing on each side of the door, paint it white (to terminate white baseboard, then paint out the door & casing.

I like your look.

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5/5/14 08:18 AM

I am so pleased that you initiated this article.

I will be 68 this year, and recently moved to Florida from Phoenix where I had a second floor apartment that I first rented in my 50s. I had begun to have balance issues so needed the handrail to go up and down and could only carry stuff in one hand. (My 72 year old sister recently tripped on the stairs ...she is very fit... and broke her knee cap. She luckily only had a month recovery). I decided I needed to be near one of my children, and my daughter in Florida was a more affordable option than my son in California (by half).

My new place is a ground floor place with just one step up at the door, which I can currently manage well. I had a great time decorating the new place. It took over a year, you should know.

The idea of moving was very energizing at my relatively early age, and spawned a healthier approach to lifestyle which has made me exercise regularly and eat healthier, with the prodding of my new doctor.

I put down some scatter rugs for color, but may need to take them up because even with a rug pad they can be a tripping hazard.

The tub-shower had grab bars, thankfully, and I added a hand held shower attachment too. The grab bars are so useful climbing over the tub edge, and I hold on to them with one hand when my eyes are closed from soaping, for balance, which I seem to lose when that happens. I highly recommend them.

The round door knobs are becoming a problem, and will need to be changed soon to lever handles, and I am going to add roll-out shelves to the bottom kitchen cupboards so I don't have to crawl on the floor to get at stuff.

My exercise leader makes us get down on the floor and back up at least 3 times twice a week as a life skill drill. The bathroom sink faucets need to be replaced soon since they are those acrylic spheres with no grip.

Beware of storage in high places requiring a foot stool. Try to add storage at lower height to compensate. I have also heard that the new induction cooktops are safer, since they are not hot to the touch. Invest in lots of hot pads, use cloth napkins in pairs to serve as pot holders, go to senior health fairs and get those rubberized sheets to open jars.

As you mentioned, the whole experience can be a stimulating change.

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3/17/14 01:20 PM