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Computers that require really, really looong passwords. Uggh.

And now that I use a MacBook, the trackpad on a PC laptop drives me batty.

I'm just grateful to have the technology though! So many people in the world who don't have these modern conveniences. :o)

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What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?
4/18/14 01:22 PM

Okay here's a conundrum for you guys...

Does anyone know how to clean the space between the glass and the oven door? There are little vents where some steam has gone down there and left water trail/stains. It's driving me nuts! Help before I go insane!

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Natural Oven Cleaners: Baking Soda & Vinegar The Kitchn
3/31/14 10:41 AM

These are great tips, especially the one about making it fun. Just a change of mood can do so much to improve your whole day.

My son and I have dance parties on rainy days. Even the dog joins in!

Recently I bought a new camera and since the weather hasn't been the best I decided to take pictures around the house to test the camera out. It was actually a nice change of pace from laundry and dishes.

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Dealing with the At-Home Doldrums
3/28/14 12:40 PM

Alright I know there are some serious product preferences going on in this post (some of which I'm definitely going to try), however, I just have to mention one that is a LIFE SAVER.

Have you guys tried Stanley Steemer's stain remover? I was skeptical but bought a bottle because they told me that unlike most stain removers, it won't leave a mark on upholstery and carpet. So annoying when you finally get the stain out but there's a huge circle where you applied the stain remover!

This stuff seriously doesn't leave any residue. Just had to pass it on.

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How To Get Rid of Industrial Strength Smells: Pet Urine, Damp & Smoke
3/25/14 02:54 PM

Great idea!

Have you ever done a Busy Board for when they are little older? Check out mine, it was a HUGE hit. Kept our wired toddler busy for looong stretches of time. Pretty easy to make too!

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DIY Baby and Toddler Sensory Boards Fun at Home with Kids
3/14/14 03:10 PM