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I would love a post regarding healthy meal plans/recipes for people on a very tight budget (cough, student loans, cough!)

Reader Request Week Is Coming! Tell Us What You Want to Read Reader Request Week 2014
6/2/14 11:10 AM

I don't know how you lived with it that long - that would have driven me absolutely crazy! A lot of states have quality of living standards in their landlord-tenant laws; if you could investigate what those statutes are (if your state has them), and then approach the landlord, mentioning that you've been a good tenant for years and you've tried to cope, and casually mention that it is interfering with your quality of living, he might change it for you. The worst that can happen is that the landlord says no - and in that case, a quick change of faucet or even one of the larger Ikea sinks would be a good investment. Many landlords will let you make changes like that and deduct it from the rent in order to avoid having to do it themselves. If that isn't the case, you can always take a new faucet/sink with you when you move. Good luck!

Options for Tiny Sink/Enormous Faucet Combo? Good Questions
5/30/14 10:06 AM

Thank you so much!

Disha's Tiny Haven Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 08:10 AM

I am dying to know where the tapestry behind the bed is from.

Disha's Tiny Haven Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 02:25 PM

My boyfriend and I found some great blackout/insulating curtains on sale at Big Lots - $14 for a pair! They're amazing and surprisingly great quality for a budget option.

Sleep Better with Black-Out Curtains: Sources for Buying & Making Them
5/9/14 03:06 PM

I totally agree about the messy desktop. I prefer a clean desktop with nothing on it - not even a recycling bin. Every time I visit my parents and have to fix their shared laptop I get a twitch in my eye from their cluttered, unorganized desktop.

Another peeve is when someone has no organization on their computer at all - i.e. tax returns are filed together in "My Documents" along with recipes, instead of being separated into, say, "Finances" and "Recipes."

My last peeve isn't regarding the computer itself, but when you try to show/help someone with their technology and they are SO SLOW when it comes to moving the mouse or clicking anything. I have no patience for it!

What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?
4/18/14 09:16 AM

Thanks so much for posting! I've used Kaspersky for years and that is an awesome deal to find.

Tons Of Free Kindle Cookbooks, iOS Apps, Anti-Virus Software, & More Great Deals Tech Deals of the Week
3/28/14 09:26 AM

Any grey or blue you choose is going to increase the orange effect of the cabinets. I agree with TeaTowelDame with the suggestion of going with a bright white or eggshell color; if you want to keep the grey scheme, try choosing a grey with green undertones versus a blue/neutral/brown undertone. Green is closer to orange on the color wheel, so it would work on toning down the orange.

What Is a Good Color Scheme for this Kitchen? Good Questions
3/28/14 08:42 AM

Swiffer vac/sweeper and dusters are way worth it. If you have wood floors, you'd be better off with a steamer than a Wet Jet, but for cheaper flooring (vinyl, etc.), Wet Jet works a charm.

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 03:55 PM

When do we get to see the final reveal? I've been on the edge of my seat waiting!

Dan's Kitchen: Some Finishing Details Renovation Diary
3/17/14 09:20 AM

You could set up a statement gallery wall, but instead of art utilize floating shelves, with one book you would like to feature propped up at full length on top of the others, which are stacked. You can rotate the featured book every month or so and therefore keep the display fresh and maintain a great conversation point for your home. I hope I explained this correctly. It all makes sense in my head!

How To Display 200 Pulp Fiction Paperbacks? Good Questions
3/14/14 08:15 AM