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I have my Billy bookcases for many years . The best are the 60cm . I don't know why they stop this and you can only found the 40cm and the 80cm . My 60cm are 9 years old . I also have 2 80cm for 7 years and last year i bought 2 more 80cm . I have to mention that the more newer the model ... the quality goes down . But still . My 60cm survive 3 movings in Greece and a travel to the Netherlands ... Right now are again ready to be transfered at the second house . In total 5 moves ! There are still in very good shape . Is a matter of how you treat them .
Also i am curius why the Poang is not in the list . I think is the best furniture i have in my place . I am adicted to it ! I even bought anotherone of a second hand store just for the guests room :D

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3/13/14 11:51 AM