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My parents had something similar, minus the flowers. Danish modern knock-off from the 70's. We had the same flowers in sticker form on the kitchen sliding glass door. Very cute and a good find.

Do You Recognize This Tea Set? Good Questions
4/25/14 10:51 AM

I agree with Jeoffry. This is a waste of plastic and of your money. Put it in junior's college fund instead. The sink and then tub will serve you just fine.

Bathing a Baby in a Small Home: Space-Saving Tubs & Sink Tubs
4/25/14 10:49 AM

I love my mini. It is more than 25 years old and is still in working order. It is an Oskar Jr. by Sunbeam and was a gift from my mom. Perfect for sauces, salad dressing, small quantities of anything. I have a larger FP that gets used for family meal time but Oskar is my fav.

Why I Consider My Mini Food Processor to Be Indispensable Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
4/14/14 04:02 PM

Activity level is more important that dog size. Retired racing greyhounds, for instance, are big but happy to live in small spaces. A border collie, not so much.

I live in a townhouse with no yard and our two medium sized dogs are walked 3x/day, including at least one off-leash run. No issues! There are lots of dogs, big and small, in my neighborhood living in yard-free townhouses and apartments. The ball throwing devices are very popular for owners whose dogs like to chase and run.

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/12/14 10:44 AM