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I like the wires but would probably go for different sized art work. The first one "rack with hangers" is amazing too!

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/9/14 03:53 PM

Cushions definitely. I got a bit overboard with cushions and now have to move them from the couch if I want to sit down :-)
Big moneysaver is mending rips or seams yourself. Go and buy a sewing machine!

Do It Yourself: 10 Things to Make Instead of Buy
6/1/14 05:29 AM

I want to work there, will start on Monday!

The Quirky Office Skews Cool Workspace Tour
5/10/14 03:22 PM

Wow! How relaxing and calming for the eye! So unusual for AT. Love it.

Bernadette's Cool, Colorful & Contemporary Austin Home House Tour
5/10/14 03:19 PM

I love it! I really want that plantholder behind the green bike. Any idea where it's from?

A Charming Covered Porch on a Budget Professional Project
4/6/14 04:15 AM

Love it!
But am finding it very strange that the collection supports "to live more simply and do more with the space you have" when it is displayed in (as it looks like) huge lofts.
Also have serious job envy, when are you opening an office in Germany???!

First Look: 12 Favorites from IKEA's New PS 2014 Collection
3/13/14 12:35 PM