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Definitely clean the house, set the table, arrange flowers, figure out serving pieces the day before. And when cooking START with a clean kitchen and empty dishwasher- then clean as you go. I use this method to help keep me from nibbling too much during cooking - if I am cleaning up I am less likely to taste that sauce for the umpteenth time! - :)

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3/24/14 03:08 PM

I make the bed as soon as I get up everyday. Then as I walk out of each room (bathroom, kitchen etc) as I get ready for the day, I turn around and do a visual once over of the room I'm leaving - have I picked up water glasses, hung up clothing, put away makeup and toiletries etc? We don't put dirty dishes in the sink - they go straight to the dishwasher. It only takes a few extra minutes to do these little things but I always know that if someone were to knock on my door unexpectedly I'm happy to welcome them AND I feel comfortable and relaxed in my own home as it is usually clutter free.

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3/24/14 02:58 PM