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what about the rug? any info???

Commune Design's Roman Alonso's Living Room
3/29/11 05:09 PM

just made these this morning (with half splenda, half sugar). Mmmm, so good! This is going to have to become a winter morning tradition!

Good Morning! Kugelhopf Breakfast Rolls
12/9/10 01:30 PM

I'm really interested in installing cork flooring in my kitchen but I've heard that it's easily punctured and dented (by furniture, high heeled shoes, etc.). How has your cork held up?

How To Install Cork Floor Tiles
10/27/10 02:22 PM

where is the rug from? i LOVE it!

Tim's "Yellow, Grey, Blue" Living Room
10/13/10 09:18 PM

I have the Black and Decker two years ago and have had constant problems and frustrations with it since day one. The handle broke soon after purchasing. It does not cut well. The battery does not stay charged. It's heavy and difficult to push. I was so excited to purchase...

I would instead recommend the Neutron mower:

Green Grass: 5 Eco-Friendly Lawnmowers | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/28/10 12:30 PM

i love the bench/ottoman in the first picture - can you tell me where it was purchased/what it is? thanks much!

Trays to Add More Function to Your Ottoman Roundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/5/10 04:39 PM

I have some old wooden chairs (oak) that were previously stained/varnished. I would LOVE to paint them a nice shiny black. What's the best way to do this? Do I need to sand them or simply prime them? Should I use oil-based products? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Easy DIY: Paint Your Dining Chairs | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/27/10 12:31 PM