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I love it! The kitchen and bathroom are right on point with what is going on in Europe right now. And I love where the bed is. Lovely.

Eunice's 15-Year Dream Small Cool Contest
6/12/14 04:06 PM

Oh yay! Another Viennese apartment dweller like myself! My first thought was also a drop down table but perhaps one that is sort of hiddent into some shelving around the radiator, if possible. Something sort of like this:

Maybe take a look at one of our Ikeas around here for inspiration.

You can also consider taking the eating area out of the kitchen and into the living room. That's what we did a few months ago and now we love it!

Good luck and Liebe Gruesse!

Help Me Find a Spot for Eating in My Tiny Kitchen? Good Questions
4/30/14 06:37 AM

I just found out a week ago that I have a strong dust mite allergy. I'm in the very slow process of decorating our bedroom. I was going to put in nicer, thicker curtains, a big area rug, possibly hang a decorative fabric above the bed (we have a very modern canopy bed), and some other things to warm up the room. Now, I really don't know what to do. It is a big bedroom with high ceilings so I'm really lost. Any recommendations?

How To Sleep Better: 9 Fixes For Common Reasons Why Your Bedroom's Not Working
4/20/14 01:44 PM

This gives me hope! My kitchen is bigger than this but it feels very cluttered to me. We have these ugly laminate cabinets from the 80's and counters just like these but a darker finish. The backsplash is a really beautiful red tile. Though I need to renovate it at some point (functionality right now is not all that great) this inspires me to maybe spend a little money on brightening it up before splurging on a new kitchen (I would probably do Ikea).

Before & After: A Cramped Kitchen Gets a Big Change
3/10/14 12:39 PM

I could not live in a place decorated like this.. also a bit too much chipped wood for my own taste. But I absolutely LOVE that this couple has made the place their own and very unique. It does indeed look very warm and inviting! :)

Dan and Elizabeth's Americana Inspired Home House Tour
3/9/14 04:28 PM

Love, love, LOVE.

Adam's Modern, Plant-Filled Portland Home House Call
3/9/14 04:23 PM