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Where is the tile from?

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Last Week Renovation Diary
4/29/14 10:09 PM

I've used the "magic eraser" and it's take this right off! The second thing I've done is used Soft Scrub. I scrub it in with a bristle brush and let it dry and then rinse with super hot water.

Windows in showers tend to always be an issue.

Also turn on the vent fan in the bathroom a few minutes prior to showering and leave on for minutes after. This way the air circulates and carries out most of the moisture.

Is Blackish Mold in Shower THE Black Mold? Good Questions
3/26/14 09:31 AM

Would LOVE to know where the tub is from?!

Before & After: From Boring Bathroom to Bold! Professional Project
3/9/14 03:41 PM