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In most cases moving is an answer. But in our case we can not move. It is not available to us and we can not afford to move. We not only have people over us making noise of young children running back and forth but they seem to run the toilet over and leaks in the apartment and shower curtain open and leaks in our apartment. We also have a neighbor who lives behind us who smoke like a smoke stack and the second hand smoke leaks into our apartment as well and is so hard to breath at times. We have several air cleaners and several air fresheners in our apartments that it is costing us dear. The neighbor behind us also has children and childrens friends who knock on our door and run away and look in our windows. I have warn them that I will call the cops on them for harassment if the children do not stop and she does not watch them at all. She stays in her apartment and does not come out unless I am telling the children to stop bothering us. We do not do anything or go out when they are out and still they harass us constantly. She is saying they are doing no wrong. How do I take care of all this. I have complained to landlord and she says they have children and they will make noise but, it is not so much the noise as it is the harassment. The one above us that makes lots of noise also has a child that pitches fits and stomps and throw things and has had cops come to the apartment that the mother has called for. Not us. We have to put up with that as well. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO? WE CAN NOT MOVE NO MONEY AND NO WAY TO MOVE. WE KEEP TO OURSELVES. WE HAVE A TEENAGER WHO IS ALMOST 17 AND DOES NOT MAKE HALF THE NOISE THAT THESE PEOPLE DO. HELP US PLEASE.

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
3/9/14 07:03 AM