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LOVE my weekend naps - work interrupts my weekday ones! Didn't even read the article cuz the pix of the napping dog did me in. Priceless.

Quick Restful Remedy: How to Get the Most Efficient Nap (No, Really!)
3/9/14 04:19 AM

Never bothered to post before as I've been a long time voyer. But AT trashed this home tour. I don't want to see close cropped shots of pixs on a wall, plants in small containers on what? or tight pix's of items on a book case. I WANT TO SEE THE LIVING SPACE.

The initial shot of the living room drew me in...the rest of the pix's killed it. What does the rest of the home look like? SOOO very frustrating.

Evan & Jason - the initial shot looks great...such light! Would love to have seen the rest of your home as it really is. Looks wonderful but you were done a dis-service by these photos.

Eva and Jason's Charming Craftsman Bungalow House Tour
3/9/14 04:12 AM