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I recently ran into a similar situation and learned the hard way about refinishing antique wood!

After spending so much time and effort stripping and sanding some wooden arms (down to the bare wood), I applied minwax stain. Annnnd I've already goofed at this point! The stain was so uneven. What I learned is that you really need to apply a pre-stain conditioner first. It's hard to tell what kind of wood something is and how it will soak in the stain. The conditioner basically limits how much stain can soak in, so the more absorbent areas don't end up way darker than the less thirsty areas.

Another option -- gel stain! This is how I rescued my project. It doesn't soak in as quickly/deeply because it's more viscous.

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7/21/14 04:15 PM

The stark white paint on the rest of the fireplace is making the tile more jarring than it would be if there was natural wood or some other color. The white on white looks terrible.

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3/7/14 10:10 AM