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We found a stock photo of an octopus, manipulated it, and had it printed at Chicago Event Graphics. We affectionately call him "The Krakka-lackin"

Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft House Tour
3/6/14 04:08 PM

This is Tim here to answer a few of the questions in the comments!

1) I built the lofted bed in secret because it was a surprise for Ellenkate's birthday. She went out of town and came back to a huge bed/fort thing! I hired a friend who works in home construction to ensure it was built to code and not dangerous for us or any guests. Speaking of which...

2) A few guests have stayed underneath the bed. They've either been kids or my siblings, who are adventurous climbers/campers and used to sleeping in strange places. It wouldn't be comfortable for most adults.

3) We talk about books all the time! Ellenkate is a huge bookworm, and I'm a Kindle nerd. We kicked around the idea of lining the area underneath the bed with a bunch of books, but ultimately didn't have the square footage for it to make sense. Plus, it's hard to get books into a unified aesthetic. A lot of people dig that, but I'm not really a fan. Differences in taste, I suppose!

4) We put the sewing machine on a pallet so it would more easily function as a bar. It was a little too low on its own.

5) We decided not to get any rugs for now. I agree that it would help Lebowski the room together, but we like being able to slide our furniture out of the way easily to make an open area for parties. You just slide the loveseat and boom!--instant dance floor. We love it.

6) The box-like area is indeed a closet. Two closets, actually. They're physically part of the space, so we can't alter them more than dressing them up.

7) The bed is definitely tight. I toyed with the idea of adding a foot on either side, but that made the bed encroach on the living area quite a bit when I mapped it out. Ideally, we'd have two more feet at our disposal, but, as it is, we're small people who are comfortable in a smallish area. If you weigh over 200lbs or are over 6ft tall, you probably wouldn't be as comfortable as we are.

Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft House Tour
3/6/14 02:22 PM