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Seriously? What makes you think that? One post, ever, about a game with their name on it?

What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Life
7/26/14 07:05 AM

Clearly, she also has a popular iphone game with her name on it. Like it or not, the woman is a businesswoman. I don't actually like her (her brand is annoying and encourages and sells things I don't like), but the objections to her ("she started with a sex tape" and "she's just tits and ass") are absurdly sexist.

What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Life
7/26/14 07:04 AM

This looks like it would mess up your ankles, feet, and legs in the process.

This Treadmill Washes Your Clothes While You Work Out Design News
7/25/14 01:31 PM

Because they do a lot of baby decor items, and this is a thing you could buy for your nursery, I'm assuming.

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 10:24 AM

That is exactly what I've heard about the video monitors- you can tell quickly if they're just fussing and going back to sleep or actually awake and needing something.

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 10:23 AM

As it's the entry hall, changing them over to cubbies and hooks could be really useful for comings and goings. If you want to keep it decorative and not store any coats/shoes, I'd just get rid of them and put up a nice painting.

Cubbies example:

I realize both of my ideas involve a certain amount of carpentry/reworking, but that's what I'd do!

Ideas for Lots of Empty Built-In Shelves? Good Questions
7/23/14 10:45 AM

I could see putting cute baskets on the top for smaller (folded or loose) items. A bit like the tray idea, but able to hold a little more, a little messier, without looking too haphazard.

How To Get the Most Storage Out of Dresser-Top Space? Good Questions
7/23/14 10:39 AM

I'm pretty partial to the Salsa Authentica in the jar, too!

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/11/14 09:09 AM

Similar idea to the inside-brought-outside games (thought not for kids!): Giant Jenga, made with 2x4s

Make It: 5 DIY Lawn Games
7/3/14 02:10 PM

Ooh, paint, for sure! I love pop-of-color! Is there another color anywhere in your furniture that you could pick up and emphasize?

Dark Stain or Colorful Paint for IKEA Norden Table? Good Questions
7/1/14 08:11 AM

Agreed, but for grumpier reasons! The best speakers: none, because nobody else at the beach likes the same music you do, so please don't inflict it on them!

The Best Bluetooth Speakers for Beach Summer Jams
6/18/14 04:13 PM

Bon Ami is the only one that doesn't use sketchy/chemical cleaners. It seems to work just as well as Barkeepers friend on my white sink (side note: never buy a white sink).

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Great, Cheap Cleaners
6/12/14 04:32 PM

OH your food comment reminds me- if you're doing a non-traditional venue (backyard, state park, etc), then you won't *have* to use a catering company, and therefore can get away with takeout!

I had a huge variety of foods at my wedding, and only got the Italian food from a takeout company (they had the warmers, so that was nice). The rest came from a BBQ place and an Indian place, and the price was MUCH lower.

I am a bit biased against catering companies because I got several snotty replies to my budget ("we serve QUALITY food, so we can't meet your budget"). I got much better food for much less money going the takeout route.

8 Ways to Spend Less for a Wedding
5/30/14 08:38 AM

I went with the wood base for my electric piano (slightly fancier than a keyboard, but similar idea), and it works very nicely!

How To Incorporate Digital Piano into Living Room? Good Questions
5/29/14 08:58 AM

Agreed- this would be neat as wall art, but as a couch, it's too splotchy/busy- looking at thumbnails before clicking through, I actually thought this was going to be a before/after of a blue/bleach-stained couch.

Cool Collaboration between Ercol and Timorous Beasties ICFF 2014
5/19/14 09:18 AM

Are those...Beatles puppets?

Reason's Bright Retro Fun Room My Room
5/19/14 09:11 AM

It is pretty hard to read...

The Chameleon Cabin in Gothenburg, Sweden Adventure Journal
5/9/14 08:46 AM

I started watching HGTV recently, and they have only *one* style that they push, don't they? All of the interior decorators, all of the designers- they are all working toward only one look. I like this blog's take much better- there is so much more variety!

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 11:53 AM

One time, after getting home from a trip, my husband hopped in the shower. Two minutes later, I heard a strangled scream. I ran in, thinking he was dead. He was just standing, stock-still, staring at a giant centipede on the tub's shelf. He was so good at dealing with them clothed, but when he wasn't protected by pants, I guess he got squeamish! I grabbed him a magazine, and I've never seen him kill anything so thoroughly.

The House Centipede: Get Rid of Them, or Let Them Be?
5/6/14 11:20 AM

Not to sound ominous, but we had firebrats, which was gross. That led to GIGANTIC CENTIPEDES, because centipedes eat firebrats.

One thing to mention: I made the situation worse by trying to clean with water-based cleaning solution when I first saw them, because I thought it would help. Instead, it made our cheap cabinets damp, which brought out plenty of starch for the firebrats (and plenty of firebrats for the centipedes!)

I loved everything about that apartment until the bugs showed up, but I can't think of it without shuddering now.

Silverfish: How To Get Rid of Them & Prevent an Infestation
5/2/14 11:58 AM