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I'm pretty partial to the Salsa Authentica in the jar, too!

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/11/14 09:09 AM

Similar idea to the inside-brought-outside games (thought not for kids!): Giant Jenga, made with 2x4s

Make It: 5 DIY Lawn Games
7/3/14 02:10 PM

Ooh, paint, for sure! I love pop-of-color! Is there another color anywhere in your furniture that you could pick up and emphasize?

Dark Stain or Colorful Paint for IKEA Norden Table? Good Questions
7/1/14 08:11 AM

Agreed, but for grumpier reasons! The best speakers: none, because nobody else at the beach likes the same music you do, so please don't inflict it on them!

The Best Bluetooth Speakers for Beach Summer Jams
6/18/14 04:13 PM

Bon Ami is the only one that doesn't use sketchy/chemical cleaners. It seems to work just as well as Barkeepers friend on my white sink (side note: never buy a white sink).

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Great, Cheap Cleaners
6/12/14 04:32 PM

OH your food comment reminds me- if you're doing a non-traditional venue (backyard, state park, etc), then you won't *have* to use a catering company, and therefore can get away with takeout!

I had a huge variety of foods at my wedding, and only got the Italian food from a takeout company (they had the warmers, so that was nice). The rest came from a BBQ place and an Indian place, and the price was MUCH lower.

I am a bit biased against catering companies because I got several snotty replies to my budget ("we serve QUALITY food, so we can't meet your budget"). I got much better food for much less money going the takeout route.

8 Ways to Spend Less for a Wedding
5/30/14 08:38 AM

I went with the wood base for my electric piano (slightly fancier than a keyboard, but similar idea), and it works very nicely!

How To Incorporate Digital Piano into Living Room? Good Questions
5/29/14 08:58 AM

Agreed- this would be neat as wall art, but as a couch, it's too splotchy/busy- looking at thumbnails before clicking through, I actually thought this was going to be a before/after of a blue/bleach-stained couch.

Cool Collaboration between Ercol and Timorous Beasties ICFF 2014
5/19/14 09:18 AM

Are those...Beatles puppets?

Reason's Bright Retro Fun Room My Room
5/19/14 09:11 AM

It is pretty hard to read...

The Chameleon Cabin in Gothenburg, Sweden Adventure Journal
5/9/14 08:46 AM

I started watching HGTV recently, and they have only *one* style that they push, don't they? All of the interior decorators, all of the designers- they are all working toward only one look. I like this blog's take much better- there is so much more variety!

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 11:53 AM

One time, after getting home from a trip, my husband hopped in the shower. Two minutes later, I heard a strangled scream. I ran in, thinking he was dead. He was just standing, stock-still, staring at a giant centipede on the tub's shelf. He was so good at dealing with them clothed, but when he wasn't protected by pants, I guess he got squeamish! I grabbed him a magazine, and I've never seen him kill anything so thoroughly.

The House Centipede: Get Rid of Them, or Let Them Be?
5/6/14 11:20 AM

Not to sound ominous, but we had firebrats, which was gross. That led to GIGANTIC CENTIPEDES, because centipedes eat firebrats.

One thing to mention: I made the situation worse by trying to clean with water-based cleaning solution when I first saw them, because I thought it would help. Instead, it made our cheap cabinets damp, which brought out plenty of starch for the firebrats (and plenty of firebrats for the centipedes!)

I loved everything about that apartment until the bugs showed up, but I can't think of it without shuddering now.

Silverfish: How To Get Rid of Them & Prevent an Infestation
5/2/14 11:58 AM

Here is my understanding:
Drugs- Yes, depending on what type of drugs you're talking about.
C-Sections- No.
Defib- Probably
Blood- A limited amount.

Midwives are supposed to be pretty good at telling when it's time to go to the hospital. In fact, one of the things you're supposed to ask a midwife about is their hospital transfer rate, as well as their results overall. I'm sure there are midwives out there that don't have great results, but there are also OBs out there with pretty bad results.

It's fine that you can't imagine a homebirth. But trying to freak out other people about it doesn't help much heather, especially when the author of this article is expecting to have a baby soon, "vegetable" is a particularly gruesome word to bring up no matter where she gives birth.

Also, I get frustrated by "would have happened, if not..." because you don't know what would have happened. It's wonderful that you're grateful and that everything turned out OK, but there is no way to know what would have happened otherwise.

On Home Birth in a Small Apartment
5/1/14 02:55 PM

The class mascot sounds like a lot of fun =)

I like the idea of book printouts- I was thinking lamps and plants might be a good starting place, so it's good to hear that you had some success with that!

Ideas for Decorating a Classroom? Good Questions
4/9/14 09:22 AM

I'm a middle school teacher- I should have been more specific! The picture is a generic one- my room is much more...white space. I think a lot of the elementary ideas are great- I don't think us secondary teachers spend quite enough time thinking about this stuff, so any ideas elementary teachers have, I love!

Ideas for Decorating a Classroom? Good Questions
4/9/14 09:19 AM

The Gods Must Be Crazy (I and II)- they deal in some stereotypes about Africa (the first deals with terrorists, the second with Cuban fighting in an African civil war, and the only rational characters are a very romanticized version of Bushmen of the Kalahari), but they create great individual characters. A bit violent for very little ones, but nobody really gets hurt, especially in II.

My Favorite Films for Children Maxwell's Finds
3/24/14 02:20 PM

Apparently in quilting, many people don't prewash because they like the puckering effect. I started as a garment sewer, so that sounded crazy to me, and I prewashed anyway, and still got a *little* pucker.

Craft Advice from the Pros: 10 Tips for Sewing and Quilting Missouri Star Quilt Company
3/20/14 01:04 PM

As an erstwhile seamstress, it's always funny to me when people talk about how clothes only fit skinny people. You know whose clothes only fit one body type? Terrible designers. I'm not going to pin anorexia solely on Barbie, but toys communicate a message to kids, and the message of Barbie is, "Clothes, which only fit skinny ladies, are VERY IMPORTANT."

You Can Buy Artist's Average Woman-Sized Barbie Doll Design News
3/6/14 12:37 PM