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Good catch - not sure where Veronica came from!

What to Eat While Watching Mad Men Better TV Dinners
5/13/14 04:20 PM

I don't know about you, but it looks delicious to me.

How To Make a No-Bake Icebox Cake Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/13/14 01:21 PM

This is pretty accurate except for Megan's dish - I think spaghetti makes more sense for her since she's always offering to make it for Don's kids, and most recently for Veronica. She even mentions that her mom made it for her all the time growing up, so it's a comfort food for her.

Peggy's dish would be takeout of some form, eaten at a desk in true workaholic fashion.

What to Eat While Watching Mad Men Better TV Dinners
5/13/14 01:19 PM

I did this last night except the eggs were poached and the asparagus was roasted with olive oil and butter. Only thing that could've made it better is hollandaise sauce.

Recipe: Asparagus with Eggs and Parmesan Recipes from The Kitchn
4/9/14 12:59 PM

That Trader Joe's/Whole Foods infographic is scarily accurate.

What To Read This Weekend: A Flowchart to Help You Decide Whether to Shop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
3/28/14 11:08 AM

This exactly. But the crowds/children/slow walkers are worth it because going to the farmers market together and coming home to cook together is the best.

5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market With You
3/21/14 12:46 PM

Where do apartment-living cat owners put their litter box(es)? I'd love to get a cat, but have no idea where the litter box would go if I did.

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 04:36 PM

I'm going to stop by the store after work to get ingredients for Shutterbean's Honey Banana Smoothie. Keeping it simple for a Friday morning!

Day 4: Stock Your Kitchen for One New Breakfast The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/6/14 09:33 AM

I've been meaning to get some of the stick-on lights. Has anyone else had any luck with them?

5 Easy Ways to Light Up a Rental Kitchen
3/5/14 03:11 PM