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I framed pictures for seven years, putting myself through school. I haven't looked at this in real life, but yes - probably. To save money, I often convert what I need from big box stores. If you are putting something paper in, you'll need glass, though. And, there is an expense to that. And, with this frame especially you'll need to be a little cautious that what you put in is not too heavy. Hopefully, they haven't used glue when they put that mirror in. That would set you back in effort. I would probably look elsewhere if they've used any glue. And, you'll need to find a way to get your new stuff in there and hold it in. Sometimes if you are very careful you can take out whatever nails or points or whatever it is on the back and reuse them. You can also sort of toenail very small nails in, but that is a pain. Luckily, I have access to a point gun which can be bought at Dick Blick's but is a little bit expensive. Personally, I would only use a mirror frame as a last resort. Instead, I usually aim for frames with posters or bad art in them and then I just removed what I don't want and put in what I do. Good luck!

Experience Turning IKEA STAVE Mirror into Picture Frame? Good Questions
3/3/14 08:39 AM