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Love this post, love looking at homes from the year I was born, thank you.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/14/14 01:29 AM

I second that last suggestion, just becareful to not damage the electronics, also may I suggest just displaying it in the
living room, possibly behind a couch, or on a shelf of a bookcase? no point in hiding it, unless you really have no intentions of playing it.

How To Incorporate Digital Piano into Living Room? Good Questions
5/30/14 02:39 AM

Family member who shall remain nameless "let" me borrow his home computer so I could scan a signed document. Then stood over my shoulder reading private document, sorry it was a little private, and when his scanner wouldn't work told me I broke it because I had to many windows open. I just closed out of everything & went to the UPS store.
It was just frustrating. He is one of those people that "know" everything about technology, when he really knows dick. When he actually offered to let me use his home pc again to finsh off some documents, I told hom no thanks, I was able to do everything with my tablet, he was utterly & completely lost, and actually told me, well if you didn't use a scanner you did it wrong.
sigh, if you are going to use technology always keep an open mind, everyday something new is being created so we can all handle our personal lives faster & more efficient.

What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?
4/19/14 02:42 PM

love everything about this home, (except 1 thing)its almost like it doesn't even belong inside the city, not saying it shouldn't, just this very cool country vibe from all that wood, yet very industrial and clean with the beautiful furnishings. So that one thing I do not like, its like a turd in the punch bowl of the best prom ever, those god awful paper temp shades those windows are screaming for something more appropriate to both your style & privacy level. roller shades, wood shades, something, anything but those papers, ugh.

Jesa's Bay Ridge Cool House Tour
4/15/14 01:14 AM

Yes, the extension of the island bar, the subtle lift and addition of counter space, eating area, make shift office, etc, so many applications. It was an awesome DIY project.

Adam & Ellen's Inspired Brooklyn Brownstone House Tour
4/9/14 01:07 PM

Option 2, the kitchen is open, almost galley like. If you have more than 1 person in your home, kids, friends, family visiting etc, you will never be able to "entertain" or prepare food with a corner kitchen. Imagine having food cooking on the stove, opening the fridge for ingredients (which way will the door open) and having to reach into the dishwasher for your fav spoon (yeah i cook like a hot mess) and now your corner is only usable to you, leaving a tiny area behind the peninsula for anyone else to stand to try & help. With option #2, you could be doing all that and still have room for a ton of helpers on either side of the kitchen as well as at the bar, don't install upper cabinets instead big windows, and you have what I think would be the best view in the house!
I use to have a corner kitchen, it was wonderful,when I lived alone, but a source of constant annoyance when I married, and started breeding. Nobody could help me do anything if I was in there, the triangle arrangement of kitchen planning is outdated.

What's Your Favorite Layout for House We're Building? Good Questions
3/27/14 01:28 PM

I have reupholstered furniture, trust me when I say, it is truly a pain in the "ASS". Sometimes the best word to use is a "forbidden" curse word. A word is just a word, take the negative aspect out of it, and you will be less tempted to use it. My proof is my sailor like language, and my children, who are not running around calling each other ass-hats.

I do love this post, couldn't come at a better time. We need a chair for our bedroom, something that gently rocks, and can not afford a new one, have been given the opportunity to have grandma's old tufted pink chair, was thinking we could paint it to our liking, letting it dry out in the sun for a semi faded look. I think I will tackle this project!

Before & After: Loveseat Avoids Reupholstery Redo
3/27/14 01:12 PM

Yes! i love this reno, everything about it screams tasteful. We have black cabinets, floor to 9ft ceiling in some parts, and its amazing how small touches of color can change the whole look, like your brick, rug, photo did for you. i find that I am not afraid to add more color into my home, now that I have a black background.

Before & After: Out With the Mice, In With the Nice
3/20/14 01:22 PM

Loft bed ceiling mount curtains that only drop 5 feet +- depending on how high your ceiling, for privacy of loft bunk, install floating shelves or cheap spice racks for storage for little one ie toys, night light, stuffed animals next to loft bed. Put your bed underneath loft, but turn it, so your headboard would the wall that runs the length of bed. Remove TV from room, if possible, if not wall mount it. Remove doors from closet, add tension rod & panels for curtains or leave open, doing both of these will give you more room on the window wall to add more storage like dresser or desk/vanity. Can't really tell but you may also have a small space coming into room? Again use it for storage, another dresser, bookcase, floor to ceiling shelves whatever your budget allows. Good luck, thrift stores, craigslist, & Ikea are your friends!

Ideas for 2-Year-Old's Separate Sleep Area in Our Small Bedroom? Good Questions
3/10/14 04:13 PM

love it, using the space & being creative with the bench, which would look great even without the table.

Before & After: An Outdated Dining Area Gets a Fresh Makeover
3/1/14 03:18 PM