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I got my mattress and my living room furniture from Savvy Home. Very pleased with their service.

Max Alcabes of Savvy Home March Maker Talk
3/27/14 03:28 PM

Haha thanks for this post! Been rewatching several since the passing of PSH...RIP

How To Style Your Space Like a Wes Anderson Movie Refinery 29
3/12/14 08:25 PM

For me it's usually 'white noise' now. But I like it. I think it unconsciously makes me feel more alive. The only times it gets me is middle of the day, summer, in my midtown office--the sirens!!! I work across from the Empire State Building and it's unbelievable the number of sirens. People on the other end of the phone often ask where the heck I am!!

Luckily, I'm in a less than main street (for NYC) and so I don't have trouble at night.

Will You Ever Adjust to City Noise? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/12/14 08:21 PM

SherryBinNH, the cats don't tear it apart?

Adding a Small Flokati at the Bedside
3/12/14 08:07 PM

I got the Marrakesh from Enso, for a LOT less money than a tempur-pedic. Got mine at savvy home but I think they're almost everywhere now. Here's mine:

Real Life Reviews: Reader Love Letters to Comfortable Mattresses Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/12/14 08:05 PM


Floor to ceiling love~

Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft House Tour
3/6/14 12:06 PM

Adore the pouf!

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3/1/14 09:15 AM

Thanks AT!

How To Get Free Furniture: 4 Ideas
2/28/14 10:33 AM