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After five years of reading Apartment Therapy, this is the post that made me cave and finally make an account to comment. AT is ostensibly a design blog. Can we stop rewarding people who find gorgeous vintage treasures and destroy them by removing notable features and painting them black? There is nothing worth merit in featuring a DIY that requires no skill and disregards all historical merit.

I can understand painting and adding new doors to worthless pieces mass produced in the 1990s, but this is not one of those pieces. And this is unacceptable. I've been browning AT less and less lately due to posts like this. I get upset enough in my day to day life. I hate coming to blogs like this that reward people who don't know what they are doing.

Other commenters are saying that it's her piece to do what she wants with. I might not agree with her choices, but yes, by all means, if you own something, you are legally free to do as you please. But you don't see people purposefully crashing their antique cars. And I complain just as loudly when people "re-construct" their vintage dresses. Just because she can do something doesn't mean she should. And it absolutely doesn't mean that AT should reward her with this post.

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/27/14 12:51 PM