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All. I wish I could tell you that others are making woven blankets but I don't know of other manufacturers aside from Pendleton. Even the fiber coops go to Peru to sell American fiber for blanket production. You may find some one off weavers who do original one of a kind work but due to the need to change the weaving looms, the major manufacturers have not converted to use alpaca yet. But don't give up, the industry continues to press forward and we are hopeful that we might encourage other to incorporate alpaca into their textile offerings.

Team USA: 10 All-American Textile Manufacturers
3/2/14 03:46 PM

You left out one important up and coming textile which is alpaca. Alpaca is 7 times warmer than wool and eliminates the itching that wool causes as it is hyper-allergenic. Pendleton Millshas been working with the alpaca industry by making throws that are 70% alpaca and 30% wool. Many major designers now incorporate alpaca into their final products. Among those are Ralph Lauren, Cold Water Creek and Talbots. Also you missed our one producer of hand woven fiber rugs -Ingrid's Rugs- in Paint Rock Texas. They have been working to produce woven products for 30+ years. Pound for pound. Alpaca is working into our main stream and is working to be a major contributor in all textile areas

Team USA: 10 All-American Textile Manufacturers
2/26/14 07:43 PM