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I think in any large city it can be sketchy anywhere. I do have a friend who was mugged by 2 people in the loin a few months ago. She had been living in the loin for a few years and always felt safe. I also know a couple that were mugged right on my block (in noe valley) in the middle of the day. But, I'm sure being in the wrong place at the wrong time one can even get mugged in Vallejo....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Young Pioneers Stake Claims in the TenderloinSF Chronicle: 05.04.08
5/5/08 05:27 PM

love it...me, please.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Thursday Giveaway: Gift Card from Imagekind
5/4/08 11:03 AM

that last one literally made me shiver....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hot or Not?: Ghost Chair Collection by Drift
4/28/08 05:42 PM

I tend to mix it up, so I chose "other". After a hard day at work sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I read. Sometimes, when I am really exhausted, I just sit on the deck staring out at the plants for a while...NEVER would I do any housework after work, that's just plain crazy talk...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Kind of Homebody Are You?
4/24/08 08:41 AM

Very Dr. Suess like....

Apartment Therapy New York | Skew Bookcase by Smansk Design Studio
3/21/08 08:14 AM

I would go with the solid. I have chosen patterned things then have got sick of them quickly.
The solid fabric, by the way, looks very similar in texture to what I have on my couch. It is EXTREMELY durable...dog jumping up and down from the couch and all.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Fabric Should I Use on My Vintage Sofa?
3/13/08 07:54 PM

I have also lived with one of these in an SF apartment and I put a fishtank on top of it. The fish (neon fish) loved the heat. I kept them there for years and it was something pretty to look at instead of the heat box.
Soon new owners came and gave us one of those gas fake fire places in it's place, fake wood and all. It actually looked great, it always looked like we had a roaring fire. But after I took the tank off, the fish passed away one by one.... :(

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Do I Do With This Heater?
3/10/08 05:26 PM

In the alley (Ames) in my neighborhood, there is a long fence where people put up their own artwork or found art...very cool stuff.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Painting on a Fence
2/14/08 07:18 AM

Stunning...They would go perfectly in my chocolate brown living room.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Sara Paloma Bottle
1/25/08 07:49 AM