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If I'm reheating take out rice, I'll put it in the microwave, covered with just a little bit of water to re-steam it.

As an Asian-American, I grew up eating rice and can only go so long before I start to crave some home food (Korean). However, I live on my own and there's no such thing as cooking rice for 1 (at least not with a rice cooker) so this is what I do and it works GREAT. Every. Single. Time. - I really hope I rock somebody's world with this tip: Make a lot of rice in your rice cooker or stove top. Let it cool completely. Portion into single servings (like a cup or so) and put them into zip lock bags (1 serving per bag). FREEZE. When you're ready to eat, just take the frozen already portioned rice, put it on a plate and microwave for 2 minutes. Tastes like you just made it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Do You Reheat Rice?
2/18/09 11:51 AM

Definitely. I live down the street from the construction site with the crane that came crashing down on a cab (no one died!) in the east village last summer. I refused to walk under the scaffolding of the new building that was being erected because I had a really bad feeling about the speed at which the building was going up. But it seems that my gut was right because the crane fell. All these new high rises are going up so quickly. It really creeps me out.

Apartment Therapy New York | Do You Live Near a Crane?
3/27/08 07:51 AM

I would like to own this TV because I would like it to be the first nice thing in my apartment.

I'm at my first job out of college and my apartment (shared with two other people) is a hodge podge of furniture hand-me-downs and the very best Ikea has to offer on a newly post-student budget. I think having this TV would class up the place and would, without a doubt, but the nicest thing I own.

Please and thank you.

Apartment Therapy - Home Tech Giveaway: Insignia 37"LCD HDTV
9/6/07 01:53 PM