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We were clearing out the house to renovate, and a hummingbird flew in. Obviously, I panicked, and did everything you're not supposed to (wave my arms towards it, run towards it with a broom, you name it!). Left it alone for a few hours, thought it might find it's way out, but never did. We have several large windows that can't open, or cover because they don't have blinds. I think the hummingbird was very stressed and panicked for about 3 hours, and towards the end of the day, it kept banging into mirrors and windows and perching on a fake tree in between to rest. Eventually, I decided to slowly move the fake tree closer and closer towards the doorway everytime it left...and everytime it came back to the tree. After about 30 minutes of crouching on the floor hiding from it, it flew out the door!

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3/20/14 03:54 PM