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Call me a bad host, but if I have guests over, and they're down to help clean, I'll let them. It makes the process more fun, because you can continue your conversation in the kitchen and they get to see how your house operates. Most people will be more than eager to help and we can all relax with a clean house at the same time.

7 Time-Saving Methods for Faster Kitchen Clean Ups Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 03:29 PM

Hah! I totally do the IKEA blue bag thing. The key is to not let your miscellaneous pile get too big and deal with it as soon as you can, but in a pinch it really helps keep tidy.

The Hate-to-Clean Guide to Having an Always-Guest-Ready Home
2/26/14 03:06 PM

I don't have enought money to buy even the fabric, but I'm gonna say it's worth it. The wood alone is worth it, not to mention the design and the craftsmanship. She's gonna be thanking herself for this purchase for years to come.

Before & After: Kaycee's Customized Kofod Larsen Chairs
2/26/14 12:04 PM