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As a Microsoft Excel connoisseur, I love how you used it to construct your floor plan.

Lisa's Creative Corners Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 06:54 PM

Really cool features, though I'm not sure how I feel about the mix of modern (stair rail, ect.) with ultra classic (ceiling, trim, ect).

Mandy and Matt's Lovely Canalside Home House Tour
4/6/14 07:59 PM

Who's Zac Efron?

Zac Efron Lists His Mid Century Pad Design News
3/19/14 06:53 PM

AT, I love coming here to check out meaningful projects, like Dan's kitchen renovation, but some days it's like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Please consider less quantity and more quality, seriously. 20+ posts per day is excessive. Give us a few significant posts to enjoy

A New Look for an Old Windsor Chair
3/12/14 07:54 PM

Wow! An old chair was painted.

Before & After: Old Windsor Chair Gets Some Fashion Advice
3/12/14 12:59 PM

Couldn't agree more.

Before & After: It's All About the Details in this Kitchen Makeover
3/11/14 05:15 PM

Thanks, didn't catch that. Did that go over the drywall, or in place of it?

Dan's Kitchen: Time for Tile Renovation Diary
2/26/14 07:43 PM

Excellent work! I've really enjoyed following your project. I've been curious about tiling. Are you thinsetting them right onto drywall, or is that cement board? Also, will you caulk the seam between the wall and counter? How about at the cabinets?

Dan's Kitchen: Time for Tile Renovation Diary
2/26/14 04:34 PM

Wow! They put a couch in the room.

From Wasted Space to Family Chill Out Zone Good Questions Revisited
2/25/14 06:03 PM