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where is the ladder to reach the top kitchen cabinets?

Christine's Compact Yet Comfortable Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 04:40 PM

what is that other space on the floorplan? another closet? looks like it could fit a bed.

Lauren's Classic Details Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 01:32 PM

its sad that there is a term "shopping itch"

How To Scratch the Shopping Itch Without Losing Your Shirt
6/5/14 01:29 PM


Decorating on a Budget: 20 Tips from the Pros
6/4/14 10:54 AM

we have already seen this in the imaginations of science fiction writers, it could be useful now for long term hospital stays or deployment vessels.

Could Virtual Windows Make Tiny Spaces Livable? Design News
6/3/14 03:16 PM

some great tips, some are only useful in more urban areas. it difficult to find an upholsterer these days, especially in the midwest. and im not talking about Dallas or Minneapolis. i am talking about towns under 100,000 population.

Decorating on a Budget: 20 Tips from the Pros
6/3/14 03:04 PM

really nice

Lynn's Treehouse Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 03:00 PM


High-Tech Homes We Love
5/21/14 02:36 PM

i will not play the game. if I want it, i'll pay the price.

An Introvert's Guide to Haggling Like a Pro
5/14/14 02:12 PM

great space

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/24/14 05:52 PM

great vacation home

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Malissa's Hand-Built Retreat
4/24/14 02:01 PM

they just bought a house for $40 million dollars. $40 million! JFC

Get the Look: Ellen & Portia's Art Barn
3/3/14 11:57 AM

really nice pattern

Before & After: Kaycee's Customized Kofod Larsen Chairs
2/26/14 01:53 PM

good job, long term solution? maybe and maybe not.

Can Tiny Houses Help Solve the Problem of Homelessness?
2/26/14 01:26 PM

buy less

How Do You Deal with Mess Stress? Good Questions
2/24/14 05:40 PM

great store, but $200 jeans?

Orn Hansen Store Profile
2/24/14 05:29 PM