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In one word: Wow!

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped NYC Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/22/14 06:09 PM

Only fit for an art gallery...

Never Forget This Exists in the World: The \"At One\" Sofa
4/15/14 10:55 AM

I tried to view the videos, but all I get is a recording saying "this content is unavailable". Is it because I am in Canada?

Apartment Therapy Goes American Dream Builders with Nate Berkus
4/13/14 04:07 PM


What's the Best Tile Layout For My Bathroom?: Straight or Staggered?
4/11/14 12:09 PM

Yes, very bright floor. Corner toilets are so rare. Also rare, two doors in a bathroom. I imagine it is between the master bedroom and a hall. The new floor definately adds character and uniqueness. The steps are well presented.

Before & After: Alexa's Affordable Stenciled Vinyl Bathroom Floor Makeover
4/6/14 04:18 PM

Looks great. Good balance between "adult" and "child" decors. As for the "wall". Yes, it appeared to have been a temporary wall. The expanded space gives a brighter look and feel.

Before & After: A Fresh, Flexible & Fun Family Apartment Professional Project
4/6/14 04:10 PM

Having clothing out in the open is not visually appealing to me either. It looks cluttered and makes the room look like an open closet.

No Closet, No Problem: 10 Fixes for Apartments with a Lack of Closets Renters Solutions
4/3/14 02:01 PM

Does anyone know why moving day in Quebec set for the same day (July 1st) for everyone?

Why May 1st Was \"Moving Day\" For All of Manhattan
4/3/14 12:53 PM

This is great for apartments with high ceilings. Very well done. Too bad this would not work with apartments with 8' high ceilings.

East #19: Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio
4/1/14 04:45 PM

Good one...
On such a beautiful first day of April.

How To Decorate with Giraffes
4/1/14 03:30 PM

There were many good deals on the Kindle books and apps. Though the first one "The Parthenon Cookbook: Great Mediterranean Recipes from the Heart of Chicago's Greektown (Kindle)" was not free, neither was "Things Mother Used to Make A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly One Hundred Years Old and Never Published Before (Kindle)".

Tons Of Free Kindle Cookbooks, iOS Apps, Anti-Virus Software, & More Great Deals Tech Deals of the Week
3/28/14 12:05 PM

Beautiful! As for playing it, you sort of can...
If you can somehow replace the keys with a digital keyboard that can be custom fitted or adapt the existing keys and electronics into the piano that is connected to a sound system that is placed inside the bottom part of the piano. Then you would have the ultimate "piano bar".

Before & After: A Craigslist Piano With A Surprise Inside
3/26/14 06:15 PM

One important thing I noticed in "small" apartments shown with lofts or storage spaces below is that they have high ceilings. Many apartments have only 8' high ceilings. Others have baseboard heaters in awkward places, making furniture placment limited. Not too many landlords allow renters to "modify" or construct elements in the apartments to the unique and nice ideas seen on AT.

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/21/14 05:41 PM

My suggestion is the second-hand store for your source of frames. You may even have a Recycle center where you may even get a frame from free to very minimal cost. Garage sales and flea markets are also good sources and you may even find unique frames. Just remember to negotiate a deal. Start by offering half of what they are asking. Chances are they they may agree immediately. If not, increase your offer by 10% increments until you get the price you both can agree at. I have framed hundreds of artwork using the second-hand market over the years and at considerable amount less than retail.

A good rule of thumb I learned from a professional artist: do a comparison chart of what would it cost if you had to get all the separate parts (glass, cutting, glue, other material etc) versus pre-made second-hand frames versus custom-made at a shop. Let the math decide.

Experience Turning IKEA STAVE Mirror into Picture Frame? Good Questions
3/3/14 12:42 PM

Tried to signup for the Disney Movies Anywhere site: Canada is restricted. Unable to register from here. Alas....

Free Digital Copy of The Incredibles, Cordless Wine Bottle Opener Deal & More! Tech Deals of the Week
2/28/14 01:45 PM

Looks good. I tried it on my iPad in both landscape and portrait mode. I saw that the layout changes according to the mode you are in. Neat. One recommendation: once an app is officially out, please make sure it is universal (for both iPad and iPhone users). Looking forward to the AT App. Keep up the good work.

Apartment Therapy Goes Mobile!
2/24/14 01:44 PM