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Favorite. Ever.

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/11/13 12:40 AM

I ran through the comments just to see who first called out that Lost logo. Thank you susan.peabody.10! Also; Kayne? Blah.

Kanye West Speaks at Harvard, Invents New Word Design News 11.19.13
11/20/13 12:44 AM

I still love farmhouse sinks

Stop! Don't Use These Trends in Your Kitchen The Kitchn
10/19/13 03:25 PM

I use the water from my fish tank when I change it

Quick Tip: Water Indoor Plants With Pasta Water
1/31/13 03:18 AM

I love fresh arugula tossed with some squeezed lemon, salt and pepper with a fried egg on top, with or without some sliced avocado; perfection. If I'm felling naughty I'll have a local toasted bagel with a bit of cream cheese, mashed avocado, s&p, sliced tomato and sprouts.

What Vegetables Should I Keep On Hand For Breakfast? Good Questions
12/6/12 01:09 PM

Have it, love it!

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream
11/30/12 02:24 PM

I LOVE this. So well curated and personal without feeling cluttered or too precious. Well done!

Kim & Scott's Fresh Reverie House Tour
11/30/12 01:19 AM

Patrick Stewart, is that you?

Fifty Shades of Naughty Cooking Puns: Cookbook Riffs on the Popular Book Food News
11/9/12 01:40 PM

JalapeƱo havarti!

My Newest Favorite Cheese for Sandwiches The Cheesemonger
9/20/12 01:23 PM

I connected at my boyfriend's house the other day and he had to (somewhat shamefully) admit his was "teabagger" he claims his 18 year old brother changed it (I've met him, it sounds legit) but remains unchanged.

The Funniest Home Wi-Fi Network Names
9/17/12 12:57 PM

@zoowedding cloves are aromatic dried flower buds, sometimes ground and used as a spice or kept whole. You may have seen them poked into oranges? They're also made into cigarettes. A spicy sweet smell and taste...

5 Simmer Pot Recipes To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall
9/12/12 07:30 PM

Ha! @BRITALIAN took me a minute though...

Can I Make Great Mexican Food Without Cumin? Good Questions
8/29/12 01:01 PM

Wait...I've never *not* gotten a security deposit back (less carpet cleaning or whatnot) I actually didn't know it was so common not to. Maybe it's different here in California?

Get Your Deposit Back: A Move-Out Cleaning Checklist
8/15/12 02:55 PM

You place came with one of those in-wall fold out ironing boards, it's wood and I've NEVER thought to use it in my (lacking counter space) kitchen!

Smart Tip: Use an Ironing Board For Extra Counter Space When You Need It
8/13/12 03:45 PM

Love. This.

Marsi & Robert's Bright and Tidy
Southern Ranch House Tour

8/7/12 01:33 AM

When I lived in Southern California we used the "grey water" from the dishes; we just had a tub in the sink and would carry it out the back door to the garden bed...we used castile soap (or other eco-friendly) and the plants never seemed to mind and miraculously we survived.

An Easy Water-Saving Garden Tip Martha Stewart
7/6/12 12:07 PM

I actually read that baking soda absorbing smells is myth. What I found worked great in my last stinky apartment freezer was a tray full of charcoal. I just used charcoal briquettes and the smell was gone in a few days...don't know if this would help in the garbage area...but couldn't hurt.

How Can I Make My Garbage Area Smell Like New? Product & Shopping Questions
5/25/12 04:52 PM

I hate that room. Barf!


De-stress Your Pad: Tips for Making Home a Happier Place
5/7/12 04:21 PM



Maurice & Todd's Old Chicago Electric Substation Loft
House Tour

5/1/12 03:59 PM

@DECOGIRL...agreed! My dad made (makes?) them this way and while I'm all for childhood nostalgia...GROSS.

Ruth Reichl's Secret to a Sexy PB&J Gilt Taste
4/30/12 05:37 PM