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Feliz cumpleanos from DC :) (only thing I know in Spanish after 10 years le sigh)

Apartment Therapy is 10 Years Old! Enter the Birthday Bash Sweepstakes From Apartment Therapy & Serious Eats
5/7/14 04:52 PM

I just moved into a place with one closet in the living room (the previous renter used that room as her bedroom but it leads into the bathroom so I switched the rooms) and I am about to unpack my clothes today this came in handy. I do have private attic access to use as storage which will help a lot. My old place only had one closet and a 4 drawer dresser with no other storage. I found myself hiding things behind the couch lol

How To Deal When Your Closet Isn't in Your Room (or Maybe Isn't Even a Closet)
4/3/14 02:33 PM

I have a small alcove in my bedroom and I was thinking about putting a desk in it. The desk probably wouldnt be visible from the bed (since the alcove is pretty deep) and it is the only place where it could fit comfortably. I am using what the last tenant used as their living room as my bedroom and the bed room is now the living room. It is my first one bedroom apartment so yessss I just HAD to have the larger room. the bathroom is off the now living room. Would not want anyone to have to go into my bedroom to urinate lol

Anyways, I like combo rooms like these examples.

5 Double-Duty Room Combos that Always Work Small Space Solutions
4/2/14 02:08 PM

love this! this is the style I want in my new 500 sq ft place. I can dig this.

Jackie's Colorful Upper East Side Home House Tour
4/2/14 02:03 PM

I almost voted for the dog but I am really a cat person so I just had to give it to the cat

Pet Madness Day 12: The Final Battle!
3/31/14 10:23 AM

love this

Karen's Color Explosion House Tour
3/28/14 09:19 AM

I love the floors especially

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 12:08 PM

love it! I want one lol

Erin and Nathan's Boho Backyard Dream Office in a Yurt House Tour
3/24/14 04:40 PM

this is old but I always come back to it...this is the exact look that I want my new place to have

Onielia's Cheerful & Sunny Studio
House Tour

3/16/14 03:16 PM