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Great suggestions! I am definitely on team deviled egg. As a matter of fact, I came up with 3 new recipes for deviled eggs this year: Chile Garlic, Avocado Bacon and Pickled Beet. Mmmmm.

7 Ways to Use Up Hard-Boiled Eggs Tips from The Kitchn
4/21/14 08:41 PM

OMG! I neeeed to try this. I can recall several occasions when I wanted to make some sort of banana bread or muffin, but couldn't because I didn't have ripe/over ripe bananas. Thank you!!

Can You Quickly Ripen Bananas in the Oven for Last-Minute Banana Bread? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
3/27/14 04:54 PM

I am a HUGE fan of chia pudding. I recently made this Meyer Lemon Chia Pudding, and I can't get enough. The seeds lose their crunch after you soak them overnight.

I think they would be good in pancakes and muffins. Not sure about that pizza crust though ;)

5 Recipes Using Chia Seeds That Both Intrigue Me and Totally Gross Me Out
1/30/14 06:03 PM

I like to use almond meal for my paleo-friendly Chorizo Meatloaf.

5 Amazing Ways to Use Almond Meal Ingredient Spotlight
5/30/13 03:58 PM

I am part-time paleo right now and it's working out very well for me. You do have to eat what's right for your body. I can agree to that. But I'll have to say that I stopped reading Winnie's article after the first few paragraphs. I don't understand how she can go on and on and on so enthusiastically about a diet she only tried for a week. I went through the same thing during my first week, but I triumphed and continued.

I usually don't leave troll comments, but her article bugged me in particular.

On Saying No to Paleo: Why Eating Isn't One Size Fits All
5/24/13 07:25 PM

I made an Arugula Mojito last year that was pretty darn good. Haven't experimented with kale yet though...

The Next Big Thing? Cocktails Made With Kale, Spinach, and Arugula
4/25/13 12:33 PM

I use nixtamal corn for my pozole. If you have a Mexican market in town, they should carry it. It might not be on display for sale though. I had to ask the guy making fresh tortillas and he brought me a bag of the corn.

What's the Best Corn for Making Posole? Good Questions
4/23/13 05:42 PM

Last night I infused a fresh batch of Cereal Milk for my Cereal Milk Punch. I'll be kicking back with a glass or two tonight. Cheers!

The Kitchn's Friday Virtual Happy Hour: Join Us for a Gin Cocktail?
4/19/13 07:01 PM

Amen to #3!!

There's one simple thing that I like to prepare that has big wow factor: flavored water. Place some lemon slices and basil sprigs at the bottom of a large pitcher. Add ice and water, then stir. So refreshing. If I'm feeling a little more ambitious, I'll go the agua fresca route.

Thanks for the tips!

Entertaining Tips: 5 Ways To Make a Few Simple Things a Little Extra Special
4/18/13 05:12 PM

I looooove making home infusions, syrups and shrubs. Such a great way to capture seasonal flavors. I've got a batch of Strawberry Infused Bourbon in the works right now with locally grown berries. It's going to be tasty.

9 Spirit & Syrup Infusions to Try at Home
4/18/13 05:06 PM

I love making this delicious non-dairy creamer with coconut milk. Those tacos look tasty too!

10 Great Meals to Cook with Coconut Milk
3/19/13 02:35 PM

Vote for Kitchen Konfidence. Yay!!!

Best Food Photography on a Blog The Homies 2013
2/1/13 12:45 PM

I LOVE using Paprika. The capture recipe function is the best. And the grocery list feature is simple yet very useful.

Paprika: The Recipe Organizer App I've Been Looking For Product Review
1/30/13 01:21 PM

LOVE this! I am also a big fan of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Definitely going to give the Thai Pineapple Curry a try.

We All Scream: Great Ice Cream Tips from Illustrator and Ice Cream Maker Lili Chin Expert Interview
5/25/12 01:26 PM

Thanks for the feature!

Roberto, you are totally correct. This process allows you to get a great sear without the worry of overdoing the meat. You could Sous vide the steak to finish, but it's not necessary in this application. And I find cooking in a low oven much, much easier.

Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

For the Perfect Steak, First Freeze It Solid. Then Cook for an Hour.
2/9/12 02:38 PM

Love pomegranate molasses! I made this delicious Beer Marinated Trip-Tip last year with espresso porter, garlic, red pepper flake and pomegranate molasses. Yum!

DIY Pomegranate Molasses: Plus 7 Recipes
2/6/12 04:24 PM

Mmm I love coconut, so this is look pretty darn good to me!

Try This: Make Granola With Coconut Oil
2/3/12 02:49 PM

Thanks for the mention! That Basil, Lime and Mango smoothie is looking pretty darn good as well.

Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

Break Out the Blender: Smoothies Galore
1/24/12 05:04 PM

I've had some success making spaetzle with a ricer style gadget. It is true that they seem to all stick together once you press them through the holes; however, if you give the clumped spaetzle a gentle stir once the hit the bottom, they will break up.

My mother used to spoon a layer of batter on flat plate then, with a knife, scrape small amounts of batter into the boiling water. The resulting spaetzle were a little larger, but very tasty.

Spaetzle Time! Spaetzle Makers for the Home Kitchen
1/18/12 04:21 PM

The grilled guacamole and smoky corn & jalapeno dip sound super delicious.

I will be making this Beer Marinated Tri-Tip on the grill this weekend. Yum!

Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday weekend!

Guacamole, Pork & Peaches: 15 Recipes for the Grill
Recipe Roundup

7/1/11 02:15 PM