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we live in southern CA and the local lemon trees are so filled with lemons that I just grab some on my morning walk. they become everything from lemon/ginger pops to lemon sorbet to lemon bars. I've mailed some to my mom in NY and even though it wasn't cost effective, it was fun to yank them off the tree and stick them in a box.

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5/19/11 11:46 PM

Sorry to hear of her loss.

Our dogs relocated during every military move we made. We had them before we had our children but once the kids were born we became one big happy pack. Their company (and shenanigans) got me through several of my husband's deployments.

3 years ago our 13 year old dog had to be put to sleep due to a brain tumor. Last year, one month after my husband deployed to Afghanistan, I had to put our remaining dog to sleep at the age of 15. It was 100 times harder than the 9 months I spent worrying about my husband being at war.

We adopted a new puppy two weeks ago. The shenanigans begin again!

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5/12/11 12:52 AM

on the back of a chair

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11/29/10 11:55 PM

made mini caramel pecan pie tarts with my daughter today. We are packing them in the cooler for our trip to Knott's Berry Farm. Will be a carefree, fun-filled day spent riding rollercoasters with friends and family.

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11/25/10 12:37 AM

take a look (online) at the other properties for sale in your area. do what you can to make your property seem better than the others.

We sold our home in NC in a very slow market that was saturated with 20 of the exact same houses for sale within a mile radius. I constantly checked to see what our "competition" offered.

We put a bunch of stuff in storage for a month (closets and the garage stuff), arranged furniture to maximize room flow, freshly painted, put pergo down in one small front room with bad carpet and put up a simple backsplash in the kitchen. I think we put about $500 into the house and ended up being the only home in the area that sold.

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11/22/10 06:31 PM

We bought new dishes from Crate and Barrel this month. I reused all of the paper they had wrapped our plates and bowls in. Topped off with 50% off ribbon from Michael's, they look pretty nice!

I also have a huge bin under our bin with every gift bag we've ever been given. I'm not sure the kids have caught on that they get the same gift bags every year, and frankly, I'm not sure they'd care!

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12/10/09 07:31 PM

Amazon has Real Simple magazine subscriptions for $5 right now, making it a super easy and affordable gift to give!

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12/1/09 11:53 AM

Santa always brought our Christmas tree, which meant my parents had to get me to sleep and then put up a tree and decorate it. It was very magical for me.

Now, as a parent, I'm all about retaining the shreds of sanity I have left, so the tree goes up about 2 weeks prior to Christmas.

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11/30/09 11:56 PM

I have a similar problem (we live in military housing which is synonymous with bad design).

Maybe a small table pushed to the far corner, with a mirror centered over it, so the thermostat is to the left of the mirror. Then put a chair next to the table.

Otherwise, hang a rack of pegs above the height of the thermostat and always have a coat or hat conveniently hanging over it.

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11/18/09 10:35 PM