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For the folks who create a stack of old/used books for a short nightstand-Do you attach the books to one another so they won't slide off each other?

Alternative Nightstands
7/14/14 11:31 PM

I don't think there's a recommendation for washing duvet covers or comforters. I definitely have to have a top sheet, as sometimes in FL its just too hot to sleep with a comforter or blanket.I feel its cleaner to use a top sheet. If I washed my comforter every week it would wear out too soon. So I wash the sheets about once a week, the comforter a bit less.
I also think this is a silly article. Someone must have had to fill a quota of articles and went hunting for topics. To each his/her own!

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 07:11 PM

DoesIKEA mean or stand for something?Is it an abbreviation?

IKEA Through the Decades: A Time Capsule of Design from the 1950s Through Today A Visit to the IKEA Museum in Almhult, Sweden
7/8/14 04:19 PM

The lamp lopoks great, and you found the perfect, sophisticated shade!

Before & After: A Dumpster Lamp Gets a New Life
7/6/14 11:14 AM

I never use sponges for these reasons listed. But they can go through the dishwasher, don't forget. Also, when changing your water filter 2X a yr, check the batteries in your smoke detectors.

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/1/14 02:11 PM

It looks gGREAT!!!How did you get the blue paint to adhere, when that laminate is so slick and shiny, and must not be porous at all?

Before & After: Lettie's No Longer Looks Like Laminate Dresser
6/27/14 03:36 PM

Can we see a photo of the cool 'loft/fort' bed?My5 yr old would LOVE one!

Before & After: A New Old Dresser
6/27/14 03:26 PM

I throw a handful of mint leaves into the pitcher, and sfter a day or 2, it tastes like an alcohol-free mojito- delicious!

How To Make Real Lemonade from Scratch Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/27/14 10:54 AM

Does anyone know where you can get cheap string/Christmas lights at this time of year?I've been looking for a string or 2 of white lights, for my sukkah( Its a Jewish thing).

Inspiration: Alternative Uses For Christmas Lights
6/15/14 09:57 AM

We have motion sensor lights on our front porch and driveway. They give us peace of mind because they go on if a person or animal approaches the house, and may save some energy, because if we know someone is coming over in the evening we don't have to leave the oitside lights on for safety, because they go on automatically when someone approaches.

Do Motion-Sensor Lights Save Energy and Money?
5/16/14 03:10 PM

We started roasting asparagus, peppers, onions and squash about a year ago and have never looked back!We toss the veggies with olive oil and course kosher salt, then bake. so delish!!!

How To Cook Asparagus in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/22/14 05:00 PM

WhenI was a kid and teenager,I was lactose intolerant. I didn't just have gas or cramps,I'd be in the bathroom( sorry for the TMI) for 20 mins, bent over, sweating and moaning from the pain. If I had a craving for icecream,I had to 'schedule'eating it, becauseI'd have to be near a bathroom-preferably at home- and not have any plans for at least 1/2 hr after eating it.As I grew into adulthood,I would try milk or ice cream once in a while and found that I no longer hadan extreme reaction. ButI never liked the taste of milk,and one day decided to buy almond milk in the store. I like the flavor, it has more calcium, and no animals are harmed. No other animal drinks milk into adulthood, which makes me think that maybe our bodies aren't meant to- especially cow's milk,I'm not a cow.I wouldn't use soy in my home because I have teenage girlsand a dietician told me that soy is a natural plant estrogen-like substance. It acts like estrogen in the body. I wouldn't give my growing, developing daughter estrogen, so I don't give them soy( anything). I have to wonder who started this thread, and why. It sounds like one big ad for the milk industry, for the most part.

Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead
3/18/14 11:23 AM