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I love the Frasier Christmas episodes, those are classic!

Favorite Holiday TV Episodes to Craft, Clean & Cook By
12/10/12 06:31 PM

I do a combination. I have several old family candles, nativity, nutcrackers, etc... When it came time to get my first tree, I didn't have any ornaments. I then went out and did all white lights with gold, silver and copper decorations. I find that I really like the old meets new, especially because I just bought my frist house and it's 1950s retro meets loft apartment.

Holiday Decor: Traditional vs. Trendy
12/7/12 01:35 PM

My Dr. Who TARDIS mug is my fav!

Do You Have a Favorite Coffee Cup?
2/6/12 10:36 PM

Great post! My mom actually painted her office Benjamin Moore's Pumpkin Spice. It looks sensational when paired with dusty deep blues, ambers and other jewel tones.

Color By Decade: The 70s
Color Therapy

7/21/11 12:02 PM

I agree with everyone else, those cabinets are to die for! If they're a little icky, just sand them down and repaint them a nice fresh white. Other than that, I say change your wall color to something vibrant and fun. I'm seeing a nice ice blue or turquoise color.

If you have the money, change the flooring to a cute checkerboard pattern and maybe use some apricot colored accents here and there to really make things pop.

As you get more money, start to replace your appliances. I'm thinking that with some old spice racks, hanging a few pan lids on the walls and maybe placing a few pots of herbs here and there your kitchen would be cute as a button.

Good luck, can't wait to see the after photos!

How To Update 1920's Kitchen?
Good Questions

7/19/11 05:44 PM

Thank you so much for this post, I'm in the middle of the very same thing! I have an old Necchi sewing machine that's inside of a cabinet and I wanted to paint the tired wooden cabinet a nice glossy white with nice gold hardware.

I'm in the middle where I realized that the whole thing just looks terrible and I'm needing to use my disc sander to remove all of the white paint and start from scratch. Mind you I'm doing this in the front bedroom of my 2nd floor apartment.

This was so encouraging, thank you!

Real Life Design Lessons: When Your DIY Seems Doomed
6/29/11 03:18 PM

The before was a little drab, but there's something not quite right about the after. I think I would've gone with a slightly lower beadboard (love the style of it though) and ditched the sink skirt.

From there I would've gone out and scored some towel rods with a little more oomph so to speak. Love the mirror and the wall color though!

Before & After: Amy & Chad Stylize Their Bathroom
Triangle Honeymoon

6/23/11 08:59 AM

I think a nice mink colored subway tile with a dark grout could be really nice as a backsplash and maybe do a dark rich (almst black stain) on the cabinets or perhaps paint them a light olive color. At this point I'd go with a white wall to make the other colors really pop.

What Color Should I Paint Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

6/21/11 07:49 PM

I personally love repainting something to give it new life. I generally end up finding some beat up piece, paint and antique and have been pleased each time.

Some furniture I believe needs to stay wood, mainly antiuqes or anything with a really nice presence. I appreciate wood, but love the option of paint.

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/2/11 05:53 PM

My problem doesn't involve my single night owl neighbors. They're mostly considerate of when they do things like vaccuum. What I can't stand is when people let their kids scream and laugh and carry on at 7:00am on a weekend. Vaccuuming has been known to take place as early as 6:00am.

I'm a night person and I really do my best to stay out of my front room which is right above the kid's bedroom, not to use appliances, etc... in the evenings. You'd think they could be more considerate about mornings.

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 05:46 PM

Much better than the honeysuckle that's for sure. I'm thinking this color is great as long as someone doesn't go overboard with it. A little can go a long way. Digging it!

Vintage Wine: Benjamin Moore Paint Color of 2011
2/1/11 10:10 AM

When I was in high school, I was also weight conscious and tended to bring a protein shake for my noon time meal. For that I'd just run to my locker, grab the shake and find an isolated corner to down my lunch quickly. I didn't feel like attracting the attention in the lunch room.

When I was 16 I was allowed to leave campus for lunch. Thankfully my house was a quick drive from the high school so I usually ate leftovers from dinner the night before.

Blogger Eats 162 School Lunches In One Year
1/26/11 01:23 PM

I'd go for a cadet blue, but maybe a lighter version depending on what kind of light you get in the room. I think it would contrast nicely with the brick in the fireplace.

Help Selecting Paint Colors For Living Room?
Good Question

1/21/11 02:33 PM

Oh wow, my dad and I used to laugh hysterically over Hildi's designs! Meanwhile two thumbs way up for Vern Yip. So much love!

Trading Spaces: Where Are They Now?
1/18/11 01:44 PM

I work from 10-6 each day and really am not much of a morning person so my meals are delayed a bit. I generally eat a piece of egg casserole with veggies and a glass of orange juice at 8:30. I eat a 1/2 cup of unsalted mixed nuts and raisins around 10:30, then lunch between 12:30 and 1:00. I eat another 1/2 c of mixed nuts around 4:00 or 4:30 to give me some energy for the gym. After I get out of work, get in my workout and shower I tend to eat a light dinner around 8:00.

Food Habits: How Do You Decide When To Eat?
1/10/11 05:58 PM

I've been trying to eat fairly healthy but not go overzealous. In the mornings I've been doing a cheese free quiche with fat free half and half filled with a ton of veggies and a glass of oj. Lunches tend to be a green salad with grilled chicken breasts, a whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, veggies and grilled chicken, or something along those lines. Dinner has been a bowl of soup with lots of veggies and a hot turkey sandwich on really good whole wheat bread.

If I get hungry during the day, I eat some trail mix which I make with unsalted peanuts, walunts, pecans, soy nuts and raisins.

That plus coupled with 3 or 4 trips to the gym a week and I'm feeling pretty darned good!

Recommendations for a New Year's Cleanse Diet?
Good Questions

1/6/11 01:13 PM

For big pots of pureed soup this is the ticket! I have a 7c food processor and while the size is great for most things, I find myself having to puree a pot of soup in 2 batches, which has led to many soupsplosions in my kitchen.

I bought the Cuisinart immersion blender and haven't looked back. Hands down it's one of my favorite kitchen tools!

Immersion Blenders: Should You Buy One?
1/6/11 11:18 AM

I personally don't make my own stock. I live alone and going to that extreme for a homemade soup is just a little too much for my tastes. However, I always always always buy a low sodium boxed broth plain then add a ton of fresh veggies and other ingredients to make the soup, along with plenty of seasoning.

Soup Starters from a Jar: Yay or Nay?
1/5/11 12:29 PM

I had some mimosas with breakfast then used the rest with some garlic, lemon pepper and cooked up some chicken to add to a pasta sauce for lunches. Wicked yummy!

What Can I Do With Leftover Champagne?
Good Questions

1/3/11 01:09 PM

I think the stainless might be a little too modern with your cupboards. I love the gray though. maybe you should go with a nice charcoal subway tile.

Is This Backsplash Makeover Worth the Effort?
10/23/10 03:15 PM