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Hi Apartment Therapy readers,

Thank you for all of your comments! I wanted to clarify a few things that are being commented on in this thread. And also let you know that I myself have a cat and two children ages 4 and 8!

-The cat litter box is in the lower cabinet on the right and is accessible from the back as these built in units are functional from this living room side as well as the (unseen for this post) dining room side. The cat does not have to open the door and the owners are fastidious about keeping it clean! We discussed other locations for it in this apartment, but this was truly the best solution for the space that they have.
-The fabric on the upholstered pieces are all stain resistant Krypton materials. Their products are designed to be used with pets and actually were first used on their pet beds. So very kid friendly there, but yes some stains happen that are very difficult or even impossible to get out. The client wanted fabric, not leather and that is the nature of the beast.
-Candles and holders, glass vases, Bombay gin, less than packed arrangements on the shelves were all done to style the photo. My clients arrangement was slightly different, but this was what I felt looked best for these shots. Certainly they are free to move items out of the room if they pose a hazard in any way! They have one son who was old enough and well behaved enough to handle a room with some "grown up" elements.
-In terms of storage for their son, he has a dedicated shelf inside the cabinet that has a number of baskets of his toys. Easy to take out and play with and then put away out of sight when done. He also has a bedroom with the rest of his toys and belongings.
-The audio/video equipment is in the left hand cabinet and is wired through the wall to the TV. The components can be used with the cabinet doors closed with the an extender, which is a device that sits on the shelf (it is there but really small) to transmit signals to the cable box, cd player, etc.

Hope this helps! Elizabeth Aurandt

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I don't mind the pulls, just the hideous bathroom that they were placed in.

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