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Zen in it's pure form- thank you so much for sharing this wonderful space

The McDonalds' Serene, Minimalist Home House Tour
3/18/14 02:28 PM

I LOVE! the dog bed- for me the best part of the 'hack'!

How To Make an IKEA Hack \"Fauxdenza\" Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/11/14 12:37 PM

Some eco working non profits in your area may pick up those you have collected and reuse them. I recently heard of one that started to use plastic bottles instead of bricks to build cheap housing in vulnerable communities in India and given the insane rise of brick prises in Nepal that might be a very smart way to contribute to communities in need. If you want to use them yourself you may cut them open at one or even both sides tie them together and build a storage/shelf system or room divider. The blue colour might give a nice light if used to seperate a sleeping area.
But honestly (speaking myself as a former Nepal and India resident here ) I myself would try to avoid any kind of plastic bottles at all. Plastic pollution and river dumping is a huge issue in Nepal and India so if possible you may considering to invest in a high quality water filter stystem instead at least if you plan to stay on a long term base.

How To Reuse Large Water Containers? Good Questions
2/21/14 09:09 AM